Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BET and "Barack Obama: What's in it for us?"

WTF was Jeff (host) thinking asking Barack why he had a black wife? That was so rude. However I do think that if he put her out on the campaign trail more often he would appeal more to African American women. Michelle is smart, strong and sexy all on her own and I think that it is important for us to see black women as more than butt cheeks.

And why did they have to title the show, "What's in it for us?' WTF? How come black people have to play dumb and want to be coddled all the time? The man speaks on health care, education, affordable housing, etc... which effects more than black people so why do have to ask "What's in it for us?" if you need health care, an eduation or whatever then whatever he says applies to you. I don't think he should cater to blacks and only blacks. He is running for pres of the US of A not mayor of Detroit or DC.

Why question his blackness? I swear we don't want to be sterotyped, but we stereotype ourselves.

New Beginnings

I love when the weather begins to change. September is my favorite month of the year followed by February. February is a month of extreme cabin fever, I can't sit still. All I want to do is shop, plan my summer and evaluate where I am in my career goals.

Right now, I'm starting a new job hunt and the possibilities are endless. I want to stay in the nonprofit sector for sure and I'm looking into develepment. So any leads, prayers, and referrals are welcome. :)

This summer New Orleans, Lousiana is my vacation spot of choice. This year the Essence Music Festival returns home and I want to be there to celebrate. Hotel and flight costs are expensive so some extra hours at my part-time gig is imperative.

Second to finding a new full-time job is getting a new wardrobe to match. My goodness! I am jonesing to try the new wide leg trousers, crisp white shirts, shirt dresses and a new everyday bag. H&M, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft will be my starting points.

Anywho, I am really feeling Making the Band 4 Season 2. I was a big fan on MTB, but MTB4 was the the best by far. These boys have talent and they are just so darn likeable. The guys P. Diddy picked all deserve it and the music will speak for itself. In Season 2 I was not too excited about including the girls from MTB3, but it proves great for drama and romance. Oh yes, and Robert holds it down for the D.