Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Wish My Hair Would Do That !!!!

My fav blog The Fashion Bomb Daily featured a photo blog called Le Coil today. It's contains photos of the bestest natural hairstyles. I will most def be trying one of these for the summer. I'm going to do it myself so results may vary :). My fav hairstyles are below. Click the title to visit the site.

I think, I'll try this one this weekend.

Everytime I see her she looks stunning luv the hair and the 'fit.

And I couldn't resist adding this one.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fashion Mystery : The Case of Rihanna’s Vanishing Clothes

So on my afternoon blog stroll, I cam across a post on http://www.thefashionbombdaily/ that was along the lines of my earlier blog post about Dawn taking risque photos. Click the link for the Fashion Bomb Post and my two cents.

Dawn: Another One Bites the Dust

So my bestest frenemy in my head is losing her mind. Taking your clothes off is a desperate cry for attention especially on social networking websites (I know I am contributing to the problem by posting it, but eh). Dawn, you're better than this. I understand the need to feel sexy and fishing for compliments, I'm a woman too. I've had to stop from posting photos a few Facebook photos because my intentions were not pure. I either wanted to make someone jealous or get a few "you sexy ma's" but I stopped myself cause I knew I would regret it, plus people see right through it.

Homegirl you've got a great shape and I'm rooting for you cause you're supposed to be different. Don't be like the rest of em, "when all else fails, sell your body" chicks. You've got to do better. Focus on you're music and don't let your ambition to be a celebrity take over YOU.

"Some say love is all that I'm missing. Some call it Jezebel, I call it attention. But what they don't know, they can't even imagine. Say I don't have no self-esteem? But it's my passion. Maybe, I'm just a Bad Girl." - Bad Girl by Danity Kane