Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes Sir, Tell'em the Truth!

In an interview with April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks on Monday, the President responded to black critics who say he hasn’t done much for Black America:

“The only thing I cannot do is, by law, I cannot pass laws that say ‘I’m just helping black folks.’ I’m the president of the entire United States. What I can do is make sure that I am passing laws that help all people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and most in need. That in turn is going to help lift up the African-American community.”

Let me step on my soap box and say," Be the change you want to see in this world and Ninja's make me sick."

What the flip are these "critics" flapping their gums about? What the flip is a "black job" or a black issue? Oh I know, killing each other. Half the homicides in the US of A are black people and 97% of those homicides are committed by other black people. Yes, google it. Um, this is nothing new. Obama ain't do that.

I believe in my hearts of hearts that no amount of economic gain or hand outs will "save" black folks. Say they do create black jobs for every black person, BTW they never say specifically what a black job is, but what if we all got one? Ninja's would be argue over who is making what, who is in charge, the crabs in a barrel syndrome we've had for so long would be in full effect. Then some ninja's would move to white people land and take their dollars with them, cause white or as close to white is always right. Those who didn't receive their black job and decided to own their own business would suffer. The black vote in the area would no longer hold any power, basically what little 'community' we have would surely die.

So Obama has to throw us a bone. Cause HE owes us. Let us not forget that half of us didn't even vote, google that too. Let us not forget that economies in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana have already been in an economic depression. The auto industry, steel mills, and manufacturing jobs have already taken a toll on the lower middle class, schools in these communities have already been performing poorly, violence was already running rampant and instead of going to our city councilmen, mayors and governors whom we've let stay in office for decades we go all the way to the President of the USA, damn them mofos stealing gift cards and hiding money in the freezer.

In short if you need a job, better health care, better schools, or whatever, Obama is trying to talking to you.

For some reason black people have taken on the attitude of being victims or being 'special' meaning we need to be coddled and special attention because we're black and incapable, almost 50 years after the civil rights movement, of functioning as citizens of this nation.

I really think that some of us forget that we are U.S. citizens with equal rights, granted we have to fight tooth and nail for them over and over, but we have the right to anything 'they' have. This is what Obama is saying. We have the right to partake in the fruits of his labor it just won't be handed to us on a silver or gold rimmed platter.

(Getting off my soapbox.)

This is it

So Spike Lee directed the video for MJ's last song, This is it. I like the song, and I am more in awe of Michael than the actual artistry of the video. MJ is the true example of someone walking in his purpose and he is missed.

Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Song inspiration for the New Year

Just Getting Started by Day 26

We winnin, I push it very hard
We winnin, I climb a lot of mountains
We winnin, I ran a million yards
We winnin, but man who's counting
We winnin, it ain't about to slow down
We winnin, you're gonna have to catch me
We winnin, and it's about to go down
We taking over R&B like it's the next thing

Click the title for the song.

I heart this movie

It's that time again

I heart the holiday season. I do, even though I get bouts of the blues from time to time. Next to September, January is my favorite month. It signifies a “new beginning.” After the roller coaster that is shopping, family gatherings/showdowns, burnt cookies, cursing out sales people, donating to charities, giving gifts, getting gifts, partying or wallowing, January is a time to chill out and refuel, you know after you take down the holiday decorations, IF you bothered to put any up. Every year since the fifth grade I would write my New Year’s Resolutions at this time.
They pretty much have been the same: lose five pounds, tone up, eat less junk food, watch less t.v., spend less, yadda, yadda yadda.

This year I’m going to change my paradigm (PEAR-A –DIG-EM), remember that commercial? Any who, instead of less, I’m going to think MORE. Maybe that way the tasks won’t seem so arduous and constrictive. Know what I mean?


Instead of - Think

Eat healthier - Eat MORE fruits and veggies

Lose five pounds- Get MORE exercise

Stick to a budget - Save MORE first (if I put it away in my savings first, I won’t have much to
spend, Ah ha!)

Put family first -Spend MORE time with the fam

So in addition to my mainstays above, hopefully that’ll get crossed of the list for 2011, for 2010 I’m also going to:

Give MORE. Smile MORE. Pray MORE. Read MORE. Say MORE. Live MORE. Be MORE

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let it Marinate...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 26 Stan Reporting

So according to, Day 26 has left Bad Boy Records, but remain on Atlantic. Willie had this to say.

“Bad Boy is always our family, but we're with Atlantic right now…we really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music. I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we're all about, that we do our thing whether it's on stage, in the studio, writing and producing -- we do it all.”
I'm hoping this is a good move for my boys. Unlike 112 and nem, they really have talent.

HipHopWired also states that, "The group isn't looking to put an album out until sometime next year, but in the meantime, ladies can invest in their women's shoe line. Released in September, Eight2Six shoes coincided with the groups single, “Your Heels.” The line's first product was the “Swagga Heel” featured in three different colors and priced at $99.99."
I've seen the shoes and they are whack, but Will and his hustla wife are hocking I Love Will tee shirts. Gotta be some change in that, right?

Confessions Part I

I have some confessions to make and I would appreciate not being judged.

1. I have a Pretty Ricky CD, Late Night Special, and I like it.

2. I have a twitter page, but I only use it to stalk, um, I mean keep up to date on my favorite celebs and ghetto celebs.

3. I follow Lauren Conrad, Amanda Bynes and Khloe Kardashian

4. I luv The Hills and The City I even catch missed episodes ON DEMAND

5. I like to shop. I thought I didn’t but I really really like it. I like Target, the grocery store, The Home Depot anything!

6. I heart the song “You’re a Jerk” and I dance in my kitchen. I like swag surfin too.

7. I have a thing for ugly guys (i.e. Chamillionaire and Hurricane Chris). His song with Mario is kinda hot too.

8. I’m really not that outraged over the recent ‘black face’ scandals.

9. I bought the new Rihanna album Rated R and it is fire.

10. I am dying to wear black tights with denim hot pants!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

Word is filming for Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming started earlier this month. Stomp the Yard was a hood hit, bringing in 67 million at the box office in 2007. I saw it twice. The movie is about a kid from the hood who just wanted to dance and in his selfishness and arrogance indirectly gets his little brother killed after winning a dance battle with some ruthless monsters. In the aftermath the kid, DJ, played by sexy muthfoya Columbus Short is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Atlanta and attend Truth University. He finds love and brotherhood yadda, yadda, yadda. The plot wasn’t very complex and we’ve seen it before but the dancing was a-mazing. The cast didn’t look too bad either.

The film also starred Meagan Good, Darrin Henson, Brian White, Laz Alonso, and Valerie Pettiford, Harry Lennix and, in their film debuts, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia on the campuses of Morris Brown College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, and in the MAK Historic District of Decatur, Georgia. The filming is back in the ATL. The plot for the sequel hasn’t been revealed, but I don’t think it’s even relevant. The cast makes pretty good eye candy and I’m sure the dancing/stepping will be nice too.

Terrence J of 106 and Park has been added to the new cast along with former Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams, Pooch Hall of The Game fame and singer/rapper Teyana Taylor. The big question is if Columbus Short will return. Last month when asked about rejoining the cast he told The Hollywood Reporter “No.Come on! Some things are better left alone. I've learned that. I had my share of a sequel. I was in the "Save the Last Dance" sequel. That was cool. You've got to work your way up. (Laughs)” Since then there have been rumors of him reprising the role. Is Laz Alsonso coming back too? He is fione! Other casting is under way.

I ain’t fan of sequels, but I’ll go see this just for the eye candy. It may be out be February 2010.

(Some information taken from and celeb twitters.)

I’ve got a new gratitude!

So it’s mid-November already. This year was good. I traveled some, saw some new things, copped some new ish, heck I even got a promotion; but lately, I haven’t been thinking of the things I want, titles and new ish, but I’m thinking of the missing piece. What is preventing me from that true peace and happiness they sing about? What is making me restless?

Imma keep it 100, get to the nitty gritty, the root of the problem, the heart of the matter. I’ve been ungrateful. Yes, ungrateful. I need to start to appreciate what I have and stop worrying about what I don’t have. Showing gratitude for what I possess would encompass investing and nurturing my god given talents and being confident that it’s good enough, good enough to be acknowledged, good enough to be respected, good enough to be shared. (BTW, when I say ‘good’ I mean ‘great’. I never do anything by half, that’s just whack. Though I may have trouble showing it, I strive for excellence.)

So this year, well next year my New Year’s Resolutions will look a little different. Instead of build the “Organizations” section of my résumé it will be do more for someone else. Instead on getting a designer bag it will be take better care of the things I already have.

So yes, my New Year’s Resolutions revolve around showing more gratitude, being more gracious.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” --Melody Beattie

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bullshit, Bey, Bullshit!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is that Money Dirty, Diddy?

So Diddy-Dirty Money (notice Diddy) put out a new video for Love Come Down. I actually like the song. It has that 90's feel to it. In fact it kinda looked and sounded like Puffy Daddy and Total circa 199?.

I gotta give credit where credit is due. The girls looked hot. I am so glad they weren't all sexed up. Now the girls looked good in regards to fashion, but in the video they looked like two stooges. It almost looked like they were making a parody of a rap video, all extra is the moves and cheesy facial expressions. They sounded good though. In my opinion they should get out from Diddy's thumb. They don't need him it's the other way around. He is using their talent to reinvent himself. But then again, that's what he always does.

Side Note: I gotta give it to Diddy he has been pretty consistent in the game and in his own words, he don't write rhymes he writes checks. He has a talent, but I can't describe what it is; I don't care about how many rumors or horror stories you've heard about Diddy if you decide to do business with him and you 'get got' that's your fault.

He does look good in the video. I like the haircut. He looks like a stooge too, but he is committed to it. That Diddy don't do nothing by half!

In short, I like the song and the video is great for a laugh. See it for yourself.

Monday, November 9, 2009

She Rocked That.....Don't Let Them Clothes Wear You

Help me, Help you : Sweater Glossary

So I work part-time at a clothing store and we get calls from people asking if we have a certain item and it would be extremely helpful if you could accurately describe the item. Oh and if you knew your colors too. This weekend a customer called and asked for a champagne colored high-waisted skirt which turned out to be a brown tiered tulip skirt.

This link ain't about skirts though. It's about sweaters, it's a sweater glossary! Cool, right?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Invented What?!?!

So I finally saw the Trey Songz I Invented Sex video and all I can say is, MAN! So I'm a little late seeing the video cause I can't watch videos at work and I try not to turn on my computer when I'm at home, but anywho.

Prior to actually seeing the video, I read about it on the blogs and the reviews were mixed of course, but I wasn't expecting the outrage on how sexual the video was. I first defended this unseen video saying that everything is too sexed up, how bad could it be? The commenters were like "All he do is sing about sex," "He think he R. Kelly," and of course "He gay." I was still not hearing the alarm. They just described every singing nicca out today, at least a good portion,right? "They just hatin" I thought cause I actually luv Trey Songz's new album Ready. It is mos def for the "grown and sexy."

But, woo chil after seeing the vid, I fall back. In fact I didn't make it through the entire thing it had me a 26 year-old, grown arse woman uncomfortable in my own living room. That ish was soft porn. The licking, unbuttoning of pants, the skin on skin was way too much. I can't believe that anyone involved in the making of that video would have thought that it was appropriate for the masses.

Then, BE flipping T had the nerve to premiere it on 106 and Park. Terrance introduced it as Invented Cookies cause they can't say sex on TV. WTF? Why show the video? I would guess that most of the 106 and park audience is 18 and under, you know kids. Debra Lee, "Screw you, you cheese face bish." How irresponsible?

The video is so bad that you need to log into YouTube and verify your age to see it. I'm actually proud to know that some people found the video inappropriate. Trey was defiantly being irresponsible or it was a great way to gain publicity. Either way, shame on you Trey.

Then again, in my opinion as far as artists and lyrics go, you can defiantly do worse. I still like the fact he doesn't have the "coochie for sale" message. Mr. Songz has more of the "youthful, promiscuity" vibe. Yeah, it's disrespectful, but I would prefer that to Gucci Mane's ignorant arse any day.

Bottom line, the video is too hot for TV. See it for yourself.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks for the laughs Willie and Niyana

This couple makes me laugh. It's Willie of Day 26 and his wife LaShonda aka Niyana. I follow both on Twitter and they are too cute.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dawn, Upgrade!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let it Marinate...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art in the Big House

According to one of my fave Web site,, the photo above will be one of 45 that will be displayed at the White House. The pieces of art will be on loan and include a range of artists. The Washington Post has a great photo gallery, click the title to see the artwork and read more about the art. I personally luv this photo.

Dawn, You a Dumbass!

I get the idea of being edgy and different, but this tail ish is just mad stoopid! It looked stoopid on Keri Hilson, that chick from Harlem Heights and it looks especially dumb on you. Luv ya!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Changing of the Guard My Eye!

So decided to pay homage to the new guard in what’s hot in the entertainment industry. So many hits; so many misses. I can only say that this new breed ain't got nothing on the entertainers of yesteryear as a whole. There are some good comparisons, but some of them make you go “Are you kidding me?” or “WTF?”

It is important to note that some people are irreplaceable and just because there are some new cats on the scene it doesn’t mean the old magic is over.

The best are below. Click the title for the rest.

Keyshia Cole the new MJB. I get the comparison, both hood girls waling their pain in not the most melodic manner, but still striking a cord.

I can dig it. Both are hella talented and their music tells a story. That’s some good R&B.

Trey Songz has got some range to him, but I think in regard to voice, I would go with R. Kelly in comparison. Dude sound just like him.

Janelle Monae, I’m not into her music, but as far as on stage antics and fashion individuality this is a match, though she could have easily been Andre 3000 too.

I concur! “Fifteen in my stilettos, I been struttin in this game.” “Been the numba one diva in this game for a minute.” Yessir.

Quirks of a Single Black Male

So I think I’ve found a new blog for my daily blog stroll, I’ve seen the site before, but I finally read a post today and it happened to be funny. His quirks aren’t all that odd cause I kinda fit the bill natural hair, glasses, business attire, etc… The comments are pretty interesting too. You should most def check it out if you haven’t already.

My list would include:

Black socks – For some reason a pair of black trouser socks in a clean, polished pair of shoes is so hot to me. I guess I associate it with Freedom Riders and their spiffy attire. Fighting for a cause is hot so, whatever.

Cardigans – I don’t know why but a bright classic cardigan is way sexy especially if homie got body. Yes sir. It says style and maturity.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

HBCU Week? What?

So August 30th – September 5th was HBCU week, eh? Who knew? Honey Mag knew and a journalist/reporter/some chick wrote an article about it. Click the title for the full text. It was a good article, well written for a black magazine. JK.

I was never really interested in attending a historically black college. Well for a moment, I was interested, wait maybe two moments.

I must admit watching a Different World did peak my interest in the black college experience too. It helped me look forward to a world where black did not mean I like rap music, my dad was M.I.A or I was so poor I HAD to eat ramen noodles for dinner. Yes, I was looking forward to becoming “cultured” and meeting intelligent, ambitious young people from cities I’ve never seen and worlds I didn’t know.

My eighth grade class took a black college tour in Atlanta and I really liked the Spelman Campus and learning about the history and traditions was appealing. Yes I fantasized about being a Spelmanite and finding my Morehouse man eventually building a lovely family complete with beautiful, talented, confident brown babies and the customary house with the white picket fence. That dream disappeared in high school.

In the tenth grade I joined the marching band or should I say I ‘’pledged’ the marching band. I didn’t cross until the summer before junior year. Black marching bands seem to be modeled after black fraternities and sororities. So the ‘crab/caste system’ was enforced and it was fun for me. As I became more involved my interest progressed from my high school band to big college bands. Grambling was the best at the time and I strived to be the best and the best bands were at HBCU’s so my interest in HBCU’s was peaked again.

My junior and senior year called for more focus on academics and more research in my future. That research was the death of my HBCU dreams. Let me first say I had heard about the ‘fashion shows’ on the yard, the classism, colorism and legacies, the crazy and often derogatory pledging process, but I wasn’t completely turn-off. It was the weak academics, unattractive campuses and annoying and cumbersome administration that did for me. I remember calling Howard University for an application and the lady was so rude to me. It seemed the process to get into these schools was absurd and the housing, WTF, and don’t even get me started on the costs.

My dad would say, “They don’t have computers, computers are the future. How you gonna compete?”

My mom would go, “I don’t know why you wanna go. You dark skinned, bow legged and I ain’t buying no clothes. They gonna treat you like shit. “

Yes ma’am that’s what she said. It didn’t hurt my feelings. That’s just way we spoke to each other and I knew it was an exaggeration of the truth.

I had to let that dream go. In fact it wasn’t a dream it was an option. My dream was to go to Michigan State University. I wanted to be a Spartan. The campus was big and beautiful, nice and green; I still think my respect for nature was strengthened during my years at State walking the campus and napping in the grass. State had a great business school, the Eli Broad College on Business was ranked #1 in Supply Chain Management and Packing one year, and their efforts to bring diversity to the campus was attractive. Plus State was a party school with great Big Ten sports teams and ample housing. State was the best choice for ME.

I can’t lie; I also wanted a better “real world” experience too. I know that we are not the majority and wanted to learn to navigate in a collegiate world more reflective of the current corporate climate. Regardless of what school you attend I believe that having a strong mentor relationship is necessary for women and minorities, the ole’ boys club can really get to you sometimes. Having that experience earlier was important to me.

I thought and still think that HBCU’s are necessary and the right choice for some people. The people who graduate from HBCU’s are very confident and tend to have big dreams. As the writer mentions Oprah, Diddy and some the greats attended HBCU’s. I just think that quality of education and overall experience of attending a HBCU has deteriorated over time. The same school Thurgood Marshall attended does not exist today.

HBCU’s graduate less students than PWI’s. HBCU’s graduate less than 38% of students with in 6 years. Say what? Google it, if you don’t believe me. Schools are losing accreditation, delinquent on water bills, faculty members are dipping in the pot too often and the egos on these fools are out of control.

Too many times that confidence comes off as arrogance and I have to admit I find the attitudes and mannerisms of some HBCU graduates repulsive.

I always say that I know when someone graduated for Howard within the first few minutes of meeting him; because he'll tell me! I used to be taken aback by their ‘confidence.’ I mean it was almost like they were telling me, “I’m better than you and you are lucky to be in my presence.”
One Howard student even told me, “I feel I am too educated to work here.” Mind you this girl was only 19 and worked part-time with me at a clothing store. Really, you should be running Microsoft?

This isn’t true for all HBCU graduates, I know.

On to the article, it begins with the plight of the HBCU student and then bang!

“But never fear — President Obama — the Black messiah is here to save the day!”

What the hell does President Obama have to with this? He dubbed the week HBCU week, but he did not run off with thousands of dollars stashed in a wax figure of himself leaving the school unable to hire quality staff members or pay for electricity. She then goes on saying the ‘community ‘does not have to stand for the corrosion of the black college.

“Regardless of whether President Obama would prefer to remain race-neutral in his policies, we don’t have to be silent. Black schools are relevant because Black America relies on them to produce capable, responsible, well-educated citizens that are in a position to contribute resources and support back to the neighborhoods they came from.”

I disagree with this one. It seem to ME that these “well-educated citizens” cause a divide in the community and “contribute resources” that don’t come without the sentiment that “I am the great white hope sent to save you Negroes.” Ever seen BET’s Harlem Heights, they make education seem unattractive to me at least. The writer continues.

“Problem is that lately, it seems everything President Obama touches turns to shit. Especially Black things. In our “post-racial” society, any mention of race or racism serves fighting words that leave white folks seeing red. And since the president bears a suspicious resemblance to a man of color who might have deep personal connections to communities of color, there is an intense target on all things Black.”

More Obama bashing? If she didn’t want to appear bash Obama a more appropriate statement should have been, “Everything President Obama touches hateful white people try to turn to shit.” With her original statement she is taking the onus to protect the endowment away the benefactors and on to the donor. Damn the people actually doing the damage. Am I making sense?

This is the root of the problem in the black community, placing blame on others, being the ‘victim’. We then turn into self-indulgent, lazy, useless children with low self-esteem who rely on somebody to save us after we’ve had our fun. Obama has taken Oprah’s place. We use and abuse this person hail them and nail them, one of our own, cause they owe us. I mean it’s only right that I spend my money on clothes and cars and Oprah pay my bills. It is only right that the alumni association/frat throw the bestest Homecoming party/concert/parade and Obama pay for badly needed computer lab. Bill Cosby should come father my kids and buy them sneakers, cause I’m useless and NEED help.

Moving on…

“HBCU students are keeping their part of the bargain and it’s time our Black schools step up and do the same. Provide a place for the real life Dwayne Waynes and Whitley Gilberts to gain a safe, well-funded, community-enhanced, academically-excellent haven.”
No I don’t think HBCU students are keeping their part of the bargain if they were they would not be in this mess. They provide the current images of girls scantily clad in the hallways and young ‘men’ beating sistas in the quads. Alumni and administration should take the blame for the lack of funding and the corrupt administration. The community should take the blame for not holding everyone involved accountable for letting such precious historically rich institutions go down the drain.

Any who, what the flip is HBCU week? Ha!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is that Money Dirty?

So the new Diddy ahem, Dirty Money video is out and it ain't all dat. It's not terrible, but I'm not impressed. I could see someone being high and grooving to it, but I see Kanye all up and through it too. It tried to be original and edgy, but it ended up being edgy and cool in that regular, run of the mill everyday kind of way. I'm not convinced to the buy the album, but I'm not turned away either. See the video for yourself. Oh and BTW from the vid it looks like Dirty Money ain't a group, all I saw was Diddy. Dawn and Kaleena made cameos. On the real if I were one of them I'd be pissed. I mean, damn can I get some shine too, Diddy? It's only a group if they splitting that money three ways.

Below is a blog from my frenemy in my head, Dawn. I think I would have luved a "Love Come Down" if it had just the girls on it. Diddy kinda screwed it up and there was too much going on. Anywho they calling themselves Neon and Flux (Dawn and Kaleena). Say hey to Neon!

Introducing Neon ..Its that Dirty Money

Show em how to Werk!

The beautiful actress Paula Patton was featured in The New York Times Style Magazine's online space entitled "Body Double" and I heart the masculine photos. She's got the look down. Dudes be killin me wit that "I meant you no harm. Imma puppy dog, look." I got the photos from The Flaunt Files, fashion and beauty blog from a fab chica in the Cali-for-na-yay area

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Tubin It, Sorta

So I got this from one of my fav blogs, Lipstick.Lace.Brassknuckles. This little girl it too cute and I kinda wish I could do that.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 26 Stan Reporting

So my boys are on the G-R-I-N-D. I gotta respect the hustle dem ninja's is determined to 'make it.' The entertainment game has changed for real. Ain't nobody making money of album sales so it's no longer the measuring stick for success. Now day's er'body some type of celebrity in they own little world. It's grind and longevity that'll be the true test. Who gonna be able to do a sellout a club venue and keep a steady fan base is gonna mean success.

Back to Day26. This week they released a new video album "Forever in Your Eyes" on iTunes and a new video for the single, "So Good." The video sucks. It's just a tad boring. The vixen's really brought it down for me. I guess good talent is hard to find. Maybe some baby oil and some commitment to the roles from the girls would have worked. They all wanna be actresses, right? Check the videos below.

To make this truly a fab year for Day 26 it would be great if they could get on a tour with Ne-Yo. They are gonna do a couple of dates with him, but full blown tour would be H-O-T.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sextra: Fellas, the Sexy 6!

I came across this on Bossip and I decided to add my two cents.

Hey guys, it’s Friday, and how many of you will be chatting it up in front of an XBox, clutching a cold beer, talking about women and how they are never satisfied? Lots, right? Now let’s compare that number to the guys who will be cozied up in front of his flatscreen watching SportsCenter, clutching a cold beer AND his warm woman. Not many, right? At the end of the night, the XBoxers get nothing but their own hand service, while the other man gets to watch sports, drink beer AND get the good loving! Why? Because he’s taken the time to be a gentleman and, because of this, his lady could care less what he does in his spare time because when he all hers, she knows it without a doubt! It doesn’t take long guys, just some good old effort, time and attention! Besides, being a gentleman is sexy to a women, and will get you a permanent seat in her No.1 spot for the long run. A sexy body and face only go so far with a woman, but sexy ways will keep her open and loving you.

1.) Focus, Man – Fellas, put the cell phone down! One thing that is an immediate turn-off is when a man yammers on the phone with his boys during time that is supposed to spent with your lady! A woman’s time with her guy is supposed to be exclusive, period. After the time is spent, she’s good! But don’t giggle on the phone gossiping like girls with your homeboys, save it for when she’s not around, girlie gossip should be done alone. Note: Putting the phone on vibrate and constantly ignoring calls is worse than the chatter, and above all, a douche bag move.

Duh, this goes for EVERYONE including family members and best friends. You know we sometimes forget that they are people too. I personally see being in constant contact at all times as a sign on insecurity. It's almost like saying "I'm not interesting enough to carry a full conversation so I only 'do' sound bites (i.e. texts, tweets, and status updates) or it says "I don't care about anything you have to say."

2.) Be Handy – women are such the “I can do it myself” kind, but they really don’t want to. So instead of offering, “do you want me to come over and out your computer desk together?” Tell her, “Oh, so you got desk!? I’m going to come put it together for you, what time works for you?” She can’t say no, and if you finish with a “what you cooking?” You’re being a man and making an offer she can’t refuse. If she does, she’s just not feeling you, move on.

Yes! Thank You! and Amen. I expect this treatment it's like my litmus test. Cause if a guy really likes you he wouldn't want you to go through any type of strife. Putting together a desk is strife for me at least. I got a dresser from IKEA and that bitch took me hours to build and some of the pieces are still backward.

3.) Stay Informed – Fellas, it’s okay to put the joysticks down and read a book every now and again! Pay attention to what women are reading! For instance, nowadays the Steve Harvey bestseller is a conversation piece for so many – the woman you’re taking out could be applying the knowledge from the book to you, and could potentially crush you at your own man game! No bueno. Imagine if you’ve both read the same book? Now, not only are you cute and funny, you’re smart too! Best to be on the same page, literally.

I ain't read that Steve Harvey joint, cause I believe I know everything in there, but reading is sexy. In fact I like when a guy knows a lot about something I don't know, like he's an expert in the crisis in Darfur or something. I like to read too, it gives you something to talk about otherwise you'd keep having the same conversations. I also think watching the news counts.

4.) Possess Knightliness – every woman wants that knight in shining armor. Not that you have to be this every day, but at least possess the capacity to do so from time to time. For example, after your date walk her to her car, open the door, close it, kiss her cheek through the window and wait for her to pull off before you make your exit. She’ll feel safe and flattered that you thought enough of her to make sure she’s in one piece when you left her. Give her a call about an hour later to make sure she’s in a safe space and let her know you enjoyed her company and can’t wait to see her again. Be a gentleman to your fullest potential, it never fails!

Bump that not every day thing. This kind of behavior should happen on the regular, I mean daily. It's a sign on respect.

5.) Give More Than a 1 Word Reply – regardless of if its a text, email or face to face conversation, get involved! Again, it doesn’t have to be everyday or every conversation. Sometimes it takes a little more than a “yeah,” “uh-huh” or “cool” to soothe a woman’s need to be heard. Give more attention to the conversation topics that are especially important to her and be honest and compassionate. She’ll remember these times and know it’s within you to be caring.

One word answers show that you are listening and that you care period.

6.) Don’t Be a “Yes” Man – it’s okay to give your lady a good firm “no,” and disagree from time to time. Women only like a pushover for so long and she’ll eventually get bored with your compliance, if you’re the type to concede to avoid an argument. It’s healthy for you to tell her “no”occasionally. Although she may not like it, she’ll respect your manhood and fall back. Disagreeing won’t kill her, but will it piss her smooth off? Sure. But she’ll get over it and, once again, respect your manhood and you standing your ground.

This is hot. I luv a man's man. Why would I want a big kid? Plus, I wanna feel safe in his decisions and know that he can make decisions. A dude that would let little ole me walk all over him has a serious lack of confidence and that ain't sexy.

She Rocked That...Don't Let Them Clothes Wear You

So Amazing, You Tubing it

What the flip happened to the promotion on Brutha? Dem ninja's got a deal worse than Day 26. The boys can blow though. I liked their first album. "Shes Gone" is my jam and this song is aight.

I do, however, like the vid below. I think you can tell if someone can really sang and has a true passion for music by his knowledge of the classics.

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This is how you werk! Get it Na-Na

My fav site The Fashion Bomb Daily posted this spread of Naomi Campbell in Harper's Bazaar. I'm not sure how old the spread is, but it is fierce. Some bloggers were a little peeved that a dark skinned woman was chosen for an "in the wild" spread, but I say fierce is fierce. Na-Na's earthy skin tone and "exotic looks" go perfectly with the theme. It's almost saying, "I'm so hot, I can turn the most civil being into a beast." Go Girl!

Don't Do MJ That Way

So I'm on my blog stroll and Red Carpet Fashion Awards posted a spread in Harper's Bazaar that is supposed to be a tribute to Mike Jackson. I am not impressed. What a wack ass/ half ass attempt to praise the King of Pop for his daring fashion choices. Some bloggers were upset over the selection of a white model, but I say it doesn't matter if your black or white haute is haute and the spread ain't hawt. A little more umph, please.

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She Ain't Lyin...

So Tameka Foster Raymond took to the Huffington Post with her two cents on her marital situation. It's been the talk on some gossip sites and honestly the whole darkskin vs. lightskin conversation is getting old. I do like the way she put her thoughts together and I agree with her. When she and Ush first got married I thought the it was strange and maybe he was trying to prove a point, but I never thought she was ugly. As the media shared more about her troubled past I thought his choice was even more strange, but the lady still wasn't "Man-eeka" to me.

A lot a people would argue that their dislike for Tameka was that she may have had a criminal past, her age, or her litter of kids, but all I saw and heard was. "She's a man." "She ugly." and "She ain't cute." Out of the mouth the heart speaks. If she was light I think the conversation would have been, "Everyone makes mistakes." or "No one is perfect, she cute though." I'm lying? Look at the Chris Brown situation, if that was Mario his name would be mud. Well not exactly cause blacks are too forgiving. The point is, just like it helps to be attractive in general it also helps to be light skinned in the industry.

Tameka's blog post is below.

"I am a dark-skinned African American woman with features that reflect my ancestry. Debates regarding Light vs. Dark and other biases have plagued our race for years and continues to impact millions of Black women. The deeply rooted intra-racial contempt that lies beneath this inane "compliment" is the reason I've chosen to spark dialogue surrounding the topic of self-hatred in our culture. It saturates every aspect of our lives, dominating the perspectives of our generation as a whole. We culturally are so influential, at times inadvertently, that we affect all with the words we utter and the images we portray. It lends to the theory of systemic racism. I'm authoring this piece because I'm miffed by this reality and would like to share my views on these subjects.

It is a fact that many African-Americans are often mixed with an array of other ethnicities (as am I), which allows for the spectrum of our features to be as distinctive and special as we are diverse. Why is it felt that the more diluted our traditionally African features become the more aesthetically acceptable we are considered? It was said in the 1960s and the sentiment seems to be forgotten, "Black is Beautiful." Wow, nearly 50 years later and is that now only meant for a specific shade? Nonetheless, I believe the beauty of our people and splendor of every individual is reflected in our varying features and hues.
Often dark-skinned women are considered mean, domineering and standoffish and it was these very labels that followed Michelle Obama during the campaign for her husband's presidency and which she has had to work tirelessly to combat. I was appalled when I heard a Black woman refer to Michelle Obama as unattractive. The conversation turned into why President Obama picked her as his mate. No one in the witch-hunt made reference to the possibility that Michelle Obama was smart, funny, caring, a good person, highly accomplished or brilliant. Nor did they mention that she previously was President Obama's supervisor. If she were fair skinned, petite with long straight or wavy hair, would the same opinions be linked to her? I seriously doubt it. It is believed that for the dark skinned, dreams are less obtainable.
In fact, I have read similar comments about myself that I am "dark, aggressive, bossy and bitchy." It has been stated that my husband should have been with a "younger, more beautiful" woman. Astoundingly, the majority of the remarks come from African-American women and are mimicked by others. Sadly enough, I don't know nor have I met 99% of those making these assertions. Funny, how we can judge another without having personally seen, interacted with or experienced a person's character.

As I began to delve into further research on this topic, and the more I read, I concluded that many of our people do not like what they see in the mirror. Seeing ones own reflection in another person and then to dissect it in an effort to destroy can only be the product of self-loathing. Why don't we congratulate as opposed to hate?
There is an adage "hurt people, hurt people". If this is true then we must examine the root of negative words and judgments that are passed on people. Unfortunately, we have internal stereotypes based off of skin color and facial features that stem from years of programming, dating back to the "Willie Lynch" method for creating a slave. In this infamous formula, one of the main factors in separating and creating division was placing the lighter skinned blacks in a higher position in the house, while those with darker skin were made to stay in the fields and deemed "less desirable". Much like the Caste System in India. No matter what strides we make as a people, these issues continue to plague and rot our souls, causing significant decay to a portion of our population and truly hindering our progress. Perhaps we show progress in our wallets and lifestyles but not in our mind set.
Reading magazines, social media sites, watching our music videos, and television shows feed our appetites for all things 'beauty". Rarely, however do I see depictions of grace and elegance in the form of dark complexioned women. I Googled one of the more ethnic models, Alek Wek and I was saddened by the tone of what the bloggers wrote in reference to her complexion, features and hair texture. Ms. Wek's escape from Sudan, her journey, philanthropy, and groundbreaking success as a supermodel in America is not only beautiful, but it displays her tenacity and character. African-Americans seemed to have lost their eye for character. These comments are evidence of the confusion that lies within many black people. It's the cruelty and prejudice that has spilled into the fabric of our everyday lives. It makes me wonder what have we collectively lost as a people? Our Minds.
I too have fallen prey, while on vacation in Brazil I decided to undergo tummy lipo-surgery. After having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, I went into cardiac arrest before the procedure ever began. I nearly lost my life over something as superficial as having a flatter mid-section and trying to adapt to society's traditional definition of beauty. As I nursed my psychological wounds, I began to realize that trying to live up to the prototypes of external beauty paled in comparison to the fact that I have undergone labor, subsequently being blessed to raise five handsome, smart, healthy, intuitive, and happy children. I emerged from my ordeal realizing that my body is an amazing vessel that has given birth to life and that being healthy is what's important and nothing more.
It is my hope that our First Lady and others who share in this effort will continue to be the beacon to shine a light for those who toil on America's beauty totem pole. Now don't get me wrong or take my words out of context. I truly believe that everyone has a right to delineate what they deem is attractive, but we must not confuse perceived "attractiveness" with authentic "beauty." It is important for African Americans, especially, to realize that true beauty is a spiritual element that lies deep within an individual's spirit. It can neither be seen nor is it tangible. People tend to forget that beauty is not about looks and looks is not about beauty.
One of my favorite quotes comes from the great poet Khalil Gibran who once wrote, "Beauty is not the face; beauty is a light in the heart."

She's Got Style

I heart Lauren Conrad's style. It's trendy yet classic. The romper number in the first pic inspired me to hit up Urban Outfitters and get it in black. I can rock it with a tons of stuff I already have like my new denim biker jacket from H&M or a classic black blazer, patent flats or sexy high heeled sandals, or even a cardigan and slouch boots when it gets colder. Great buy right?

BTW, has some of the best fashion photos and a balanced mix of cultures represented.

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Dawn, I Can't Stand You...

So Dawn Richard is a frenemy in my head. I would so root for her if she wasn't a snake. Ok a do silently root for her. Anyways, here are some photos from one of her latest photo shoots. She is most def improving in the looks department, but so am I. Recently, some family members have congratulated me on getting over my boyish stage. The shoot looks hot though.

I Heart This Dude....

I follow Tyrese on Twitter and he has thee bestest photos. Here is one from his trip to Israel. This is the Wailing Wall. I like Black Ty not only cause he mad sexy, but I know he knows who he is. Know what I mean? He seems to keep it real. Like he know back in the day when dark skinned dudes wasn't gettin it he had to make it on his own. His power ain't in his abs, but in his head and heart and I luv that ish.

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Happy Birthday Mr. President!

I wonder if....

I am digging the short hair movement and I even like the shaved head thing. I just can't get over how much weave is still used IN THE SHORT DO'S! Black women have we messed up our hair that much? Anywho I wonder if they know the have the same haircut? I would add Rihanna, but I'm sick of seeing her.

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Why do I like this song?

So this is a song from Shanell from Young Money and Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane. Shanell is also D. Woods' sister. She looks just like her, po' thang. That thing looks like a booger hanging outta her nose. She trying way too hard. Can we say busted? She gettin her money tho. She on tour with Lil'Wayne and the gang. Aubrey got her own reality show and doin music and ish. So I say, go girls! Click the title to hear the song.