Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Wanna Wear a Freakin' Turban

I got this from the Fashion Bomb.

Luv'em or Hate'em They Making $$$

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians, but I must admit Kim has her " Imma Bad B*tch" moments like the one below. Both Kim and Kourtney look fierce.

I like her style, but it does get a little boring and predictable. So how in the hell do they come out with a second clothing line; this time for QVC? I was over at the Budget Babe and came across these photos No shade, I would so buy the dresses, but according to QVC only big girl sizes are available.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


DAwn cam from Dawn Richard Blog on Vimeo.

Top 30 Before 30

I read a magazine article once about Mandy Moore and she talked about her “to do” list before she reached a certain age. From it I got the idea to do a “Top 25 Before 25” to do list and now since I’m past the age of 25 I’m working on my “Top 30 Before 30” list. It’s a silly list really, it includes dumb sh*t, like learning to fry chicken and real sh*t like getting a promotion. I have leftovers from my Top 25 list, I’ve never danced on a bar before and I haven’t had the chance to ride a mechanical bull, but I can now rock a miniskirt and I finally got that picture with Mickey.

It’s just a fun list to do and it helps with setting long term goals and creates life experiences. One of my Top 25 items was to study abroad and I got the chance to study at Cambridge in the UK. I wanted a promotion and got a raise and a good reputation. I also wanted to wear a miniskirt and now I can’t get out of them. My Top 30 Before 30 list includes:

1. Get some real furniture (i.e. some ish I can sell if timed get hard)
2. Become an expert in my field (i.e. finish the CSEP certification process or at

least the certificate program)
3. I still don’t know how to fry chicken
4. Learn to network without a serious pep talk before hand
5. Create a signature dish
6. Purchase a designer bag, the fancy stuff (Gucci, Marc Jacobs, etc) I need to

save for it for no credit cards
7. Sunbathe in Madrid
8. Kiss a dolphin
9. I need to learn to swim
10. Wear a tuxedo

I don't include stuff like get married or have some babies because it's all about the timing and they require things out of my control. It's a set-up for faiure if it doesn't happen. I've learned to set real goals, not like the one I set in eight grade, "To be taller." I haven't made it to 5"2.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Prez and his Lady, AwWw