Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Did That (October)

I’m late again, but so what. It’s not like anyone is waiting for me anyway. In September I was looking forward to:

- My B-Day (25 and still fly!)
- Ne-Yo's new album The Year of the Gentleman (Ms. Independent is about me, right?)
- My UGG boots (so comfy)
- My hairline to grow back (just say no to headbands!)
- Miracle at St. Anna
- The Secret Life of Bees

Well l had a good birthday. I’m learning not to put too much on landmark celebrations because it could A. not turn out the way I expected or B. I miss the small things leading up to the event. Sometimes it’s both. I received many Birthday Wishes, I had a successful event and I did exactly what I wanted, nothing! Twenty-five is going to be a good year. I feel like I am finally finding my swagger in regards to my personal style, my career and how I communicate. I am officially a ‘grown up’ that whole 18-24 thing is for the birds (just kidding).

Ne-Yo’s album is really good way better than the last one, but me and Ne-Yo aren’t getting along right now. I’ve always been a fan of Ne-Yo’s music and appreciated his honesty in his song writing and his interviews. Oh yeah, and I never questioned his sexuality even after the photo below, but after that whole “light skinned babies are the cutest” comment (YouTube it). I am officially repulsed. It’s 2008, right? Sure he wrote “She Got Her Own” about me and “Single” is my jam, but I am finished supporting self-hating negroes who don’t like “dark butts.”

BTW John Legend has a great CD too. I know JL doesn’t like dark butts either, but “Green Light” is my jam too. Ok I am no longer paying money to see these fools cause nobody really makes money off of album sales anymore.

My Uggs are still so comfy, but it hasn’t been cold enough to wear them just yet and my hair line never really left. I was just paranoid.

Miracle at St. Anna was a true WTF? movie. The cast was gorgeous (Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, and Laz Alonzo), but the movie was too long, one of the characters got on my first and last nerves, and what exactly was the miracle? I can see where Spike was going with this, but he missed the mark. With a little more character development and a lot of editing this could have been a good movie. I have nothing to say about the plot because um, yeah. Here is the official web site if you’re interested: http://miracleatstanna.movies.go.com/

The Secret Life of Bees was just like the book and the Queen did a fabulous job as matriarch. Jennifer Hudson did just as expected, poorly. I’m not a fan of J-Hud she is not a good actor at all she brought a sense of laziness to her character who was already written to be simple minded. I did not like the way that some of the characters were being portrayed as too prideful which led them to do things that I believe were stupid. There is a difference between standing up for yourself and doing things add fuel to the fire and getting yourself hurt for no reason. In one scene the sidekick negro spit tobacco on a white man’s shoe. The movie is set in the south during the early 1960’s. She then found herself beaten, bruised and running from the law. Did she know they could have killed her? Alicia Keys did not do a good job either. Can this whole singer/actor thing be put to an end? More about this movie can be found at: http://www.foxsearchlight.com/thesecretlifeofbees/

Friday, December 19, 2008

If I Can Just Touch the Hem of His Garment

Poor Obama is all I can say. Everyone wants a piece of this man and believes he actually owes them something personally. He does, but we have to be realistic and honest. What did he say exactly about that issue that spoke to you? My greatest fear was that people were not listening to what he was saying and that they just jumped on the Obama bandwagon and/or just got caught up in Obamamania. Let’s be reality, it was not too long ago people were questioning his ‘blackness’ and experience and calling him a terrorist, the anti-Christ, an elitist, the list goes on . Most people jumped aboard after he beat Hilary.

Not me of course, I’ve supported Obama since 2004. My admiration began with “Dreams of My Father” and only grew with “The Audacity of Hope.” He had been telling us who he was and what he stood for quite candidly throughout his career. He said he dabbled with drugs, how he felt about his father, why he loved Michelle, and where he came from and even how he found his faith. Even in his campaign he had the gumption to say that he did not have a concrete answer, but obviously he knew what direction he would take.

No doubt Obama has done an unbelievable job in bringing the country together. There were young people, old people, Asians, Black people, white people and everyone else who believed in change shedding tears November 4, 2008. More people than in the history of elections showed up to the polls to cast their ballot. The bad thing about everyone having the right to vote is that everyone can vote, including idiots. There were people who never listened to the man or read a policy, but who wanted to be a part of history, felt pressure from their peers or whatever who did not know anything about this man except that he had a swagger and a charisma that was of the charts, that they heard he would cure AIDS and erase racism and that Oprah, Daddy, George Clooney, and whoever liked him. Obama was and still is, cool.

So to the point, people expect too much of him for no reason. Great example, recently Obama announced that Rick Warren will be participating in the Inauguration. This is the man who wrote the bestseller “The Purpose Driven Life” and now the GLBGT community is pissed because Pastor Warren does not condone gay marriage. Um, neither does Obama. When did he say that gays can get married?

A few weeks before that protesters held up signs asking Obama to help with affordable housing for people living with the alphabets (HIV/AIDS). Why aren’t any gay in the new cabinet? Where are the Latinos? He didn’t promise a rainbow. Some people believe the troops are coming home next month and that the economy will be booming by spring 2009. Get real. When did he make all these promises?

He has not even taken office yet. Barack is going to piss some people off. I am sure he will piss me off, but I understand he is human, not the messiah and therefore not the answer to all my prayers. Throughout his campaign he pushed for a collaborative effort in making the government work and the American Dream a possibility. He said “Yes WE can” not “Yes I can.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things that are working my nerves this week

Why do people walk out of the house with rollers, pipes and doo-rags on their heads? Is that any worse than women walking out with freshly shampooed hair? BTW they look like cave women. I say yuck to both and double yuck if the fit and hygiene isn’t on point. Forgive me, but I thought you put rollers in your head because you wanted to look nice when you went out. No one is so fab that she can rock rods and a wife beater and still be hot.

It’s a matter of manners and self respect. When I see a chick in rollers I get the impression she does not give a fruit snack about the people around her or what they have to say about her. You don't have to care what everyone says about you, but you should care about what some people say about you. What if I happened to be a model scout or an employee at a company she wanted to work for? Missed opportunity? Believe me I know about a quick run to the store for feminine products or Twinkies and I know what a bad hair day feels like too well. Try a pretty scarf or a cute hat. That going out with ish in your head makes you look lazy and/or rushed/disorganized. Neither is a good thing.

Bottom line: Rocking rods is akin to chewing with your mouth open, just nasty.

Speaking of nasty, when did back fat and muffin tops become sexy? I know that guys are turned on by sight, but will any slab of skin do? People always say embrace your curves. Curves yes, lumps no. Anything in excess takes on a negative effect sooner or later. Trust me I know I haven’t had a Reese cup since high school. You should love yourself. You should love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Bottom Line: Fat is not only unattractive it’s unhealthy and it should be covered at all times.

I hate when someone says, “I told you so,” and they really didn’t. Have you ever asked someone’s his or her opinion and he basically gives you a bunch of “maybe you should” “what ifs” yadda, yadda, but never a concrete suggestion or “If I were you this is what I would do.” How about when you are working on a team or group and you have an idea and someone just says “that won’t work” or “that’s stupid” with no explanation. Then when something goes wrong these are the same people who yell “I told you so.” Or “I knew it.”

No ma’am! You were just as unsure as I was or you couldn’t articulate your argument well even to get me to listen. My mother does this all the time.

“Ma, should I braid my hair or press it this weekend?”
“Either would be cute.”
“I know, but what do you think? I’m not working next week.”
“Either or”

I press my hair and it rains a.k.a wasted four hours in the salon. “I knew you should’ve got your hair braided cause it was gonna rain.”

Hmm, It was gonna rain? That would have helped when I asked you before I left.

I’m all for team work, but you have to be to communicate. If my idea has a fatal flaw or I'm missing something, just tell me what it is. I’m not gonna just go along with you because you said so. Oh my plan won’t work because there is a Homecoming game next week and no students will come works better than just saying it won’t work. Heck you can even say “C, I have a weird feeling, it doesn’t feel right” and I’ll listen.

Bottom line: The only person I will follow without explanation is JC.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Enough is Enough

I got the post below from a Facebook note which means I did not write it the writer's e-mail address is included below. Enjoy.

From the outside looking in, everything in my life looks fairly peachy. But behind closed doors, I've struggled with abusive relationships. I am so not a fan of airing my personal business, especially in a forum as public as Facebook. Yet by sharing an intimate piece of myself, I can Lord willingly help someone have a breakthrough; overcoming an equally negative situation.It wasn't just a one-time thing. I've endured at least 3 long-term relationships, where the person made me feel good and made me look good, but never once apologized for how they mistreated me. Instead, they acted like nothing was wrong. And they'd demand money every time.I know, I know. I bet many of y'all are shocked. I can be so assertive. I notably make it known how I feel and what I want (thus explaining why I tend to fall out with so many associates, acquaintances and friends!). I have served in numerous leadership positions and have been told that I am quite the example of a lady. But indeed, it is true.This week, the lignt bulb finally came on and I realized that enough is enough. After years of wasting my time and enduring disrespect, I finally said 'no more.' And as of May 20, 2008, I made a step in the right direction to ensure that ish doesn't happen again.

My hands are literally shaking as I write this. I am proud of myself, yet afraid that it might get back to the person that I've dealt with for the past year and a half. Worse than that, I'm concerned that I may get desperate and go back to them. Nevertheless, I'm going exhale and take my chances.

Y'all, I switched hair stylists. ********Now of course, I was being overly dramatic – but in a way, I'm being serious. Abuse is defined as (1) to use wrongly or improperly and (2) to treat in an offensive way.All my life, I've encountered various beauticians that take forever and a day to do my hair. I will never forget the time when I was in middle school back in Michigan: my mother dropped me off at the salon one Saturday morning to get a relaxer. I was not finished until 7pm -- 9 frickin hours later! Needless to say, we were both furious.My breaking point with my now 'former' stylist (in North Carolina) occurred two weeks ago. Most of y'all know I have a Fantasia/Halle/Nia Long-esque short cut. Well, after being in the hair salon for SIX HOURS for a simple wash and style, I was totally fed up. Despite her hella awesome skills that always netted me compliments from complete strangers, I couldn't take it anymore. That was the final straw. Despite our nearly two years together, I finally took a stand, recognizing that my time is too precious and too valuable to be wasted. And I had the courage to walk away, never to come back.

I pose this question to all my sistas out there: Have you been used and abused by your hairstylist? Answer the following questions to see if you may also be a victim:
** Are you consistently in the shop for over 3 hours per regular appointment (wash and style or relaxer)?
** Does your stylist double, triple or quadruple book his or her appointments?
** After finally getting in the styling chair following an hour or more wait under the dryer after it turned off, does your stylist act like nothing is wrong, neglecting to offer an apology for being so slow in getting to you?
** Does your stylist seem to cop an attitude that one time that you arrive to your appointment late (because he/she is never ready on time) and they're actually running on schedule?
** Does your stylist forget the order in which clients need to be seen, or services another customer ahead of you that came after you because they created a huge stink about waiting so long (or made up a lie that they had somewhere to be rightthissecond)?
** Do you feel like your stylist is slightly offended when you don't give them a tip since you're beyond ticked off after waiting countless hours to get your hair done?

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you may want to consider upgrading. I know good and well that I'm not the only one with this issue!

Yesterday I went ahead and tried out a new stylist that my girlfriend referred. And to my sheer amazement, I couldn't believe that I was in and out of the salon within two hours. And my hair looks pretty good, too.I won't belabor the point ladies. But look: If you get mad because your stylist doesn't respect your time, switch it up. If you're like me, you may not feel comfortable confronting the stylist or whining that they take too long. I don't feel like I should have to police my stylist, keeping track of who came in before and after me, ultimately reminding them of this. They are grown . They are professional. They know better.He or she may be a great person, and they are probably loads of fun. For me, it isn't personal. I don't have beef with my former beautician. It's just business, baby.I know everyone runs behind from time to time. Yet if it's ridiculous and consistent, consider giving your money to someone who respects you as a customer. Patronize a beautician that is cognizant of your schedule. It is so empowering.Peace and love,Carah

P.S. By the way, all hair jokes aside, if you are a victim of forreal abuse (domestic) – please get out of that situation ASAP. Please leave the person. Despite your mate's promises to change, they probably won't. You can do better. Real talk.

Written by Carrah Herring: clbherring@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Did That (August)

The new season of Making the Band 4 is here. Yay! So after a few episodes I'm thinking "Um, show me who you really are." The band mates' true colors are really starting to show. I'm starting to think the Danity Kane 'break-up' rumors have some merit. The tension between the girls can't go unnoticed. In one dance rehearsal scene D. Woods didn't even look at Dawn when she was talking to her. And the rumors of some of the guys from Day 26 having bad attitudes become more real when Brian and Laurie Ann faced off. Not one of them came to his defense. Now if you know your brother is a little emotional/hot tempered and he always has been then why would you allow someone to push every one of his buttons? However in this case I don't think he was being too sensitive. Laurie Ann was wrong for telling a grown man to apologize to everyone. Afterwards they had the audacity to talk about brotherhood. Maybe it's me, but I ain't gonna let some dude dog my sister because I have something to gain. Again, "show me who you really are." Nevertheless, I'm still addicted to the show even though some of the love is lost. Check out http://www.mtv.com/ to see full length episodes.

I still can't explain why I watch The Hills. Nothing ever happens and there is never a climax, but the characters are so real. Real fake, I know, but that's life right? Let's just chalk it up to escapism. Let's look into the lives of young rich white girls and the their designer clothes and figures. Again, check out http://www.mtv.com/ to see full length episodes.

Tropic Thunder was disturbing, politically incorrect and hi-freaking-lirous. Robert Downey Jr. was great and Tom Cruise was convincingly creepy. The story seemed to happen organically. Almost like there was no script and the actors made it up as they went along and it just happened to come to coherent ending. This is the best movie Ben Stiller has put out since Meet the Parents. Visit www.imdb.com/title/tt0942385/ for more information about the movie and cast.

Well, it's now September. This is truly when the new year begins. Things are picking up at work and the stores are bursting with new fashions. Everything is changing even mother nature is redecorating. I've made my 'Must Have' list for the season as well as a new set of goals to dive into gung-ho. Energy!

Once again Essence has disappointed me in its feature article on the Obamas. I never learn anything new when reading an Essence cover story. Though the Obamas loved sooooo good on the cover. Michelle also looked fierce of the cover of Ebony, but I don't read Ebony so… Go to http://www.essence.com/ for this month's hot topics.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words of the Moment

I am getting cooler by the minute, I swear. Lately, I’ve picked up a pretty fabulous vocabulary. Most of the terms come from my favorite blogs. Some of them come from my respectable Midwestern upbringing. Below is a list of my favorite words/terms:

The truth – A superlative. The greatest or most positive form it is possible for a person or thing to be.

Pink Says: “Michelle Obama is the truth.”

Stan – Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a "stan" is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.

Pink Says: “Not only am I a Making the Band stan, I’m also a Beyonce stan.”

Hot tranny mess - a more colorful way of calling someone a 'hot mess', itself a way of calling someone a mess. The added color of 'tranny' and 'hot' takes the edge off of calling someone directly a 'mess'. It can have a range of connotations, from negative to neutral. Sometimes, ironically, it can be a compliment.

Pink Says: “Sometimes Tyra Banks can look a hot tranny mess.”

Hawt – In the late 1940's and early 1950's "hawt" was an acronym for "having a wonderful time." It was eventually stolen by scenester f**** to mean, "sexy" or "attractive" because of the downfall of American youth.

Pink Says: “Rhianna be rockin some hawt shoes.”

Gaw jus- Another way to say gorgeous

Pink Says: “Gabrielle Union’s skin is gaw jus.”

The bizness - deliberate respelling of "business" with meanings generally derived from that word. May refer to any purposeful activity, or more specifically to a particular action (commonly sexual) or a matter of personal concern. As with the word "business" from which it derives, may be used in the informal sense of a tongue-lashing or rebuke.

Pink Says: “I had to give that skank the bizness."

Me no likey - originally from Family Guy, this is used to express dislike for someone or something unfavorable

Pink Says: “Open toe boots? Me no likey.”

No ma’am - 1) strong expression of "no". 2) Expressing disbelief

Waiter Says: “Would you like guacamole?”
Pink Says: “No ma’am”

Can get it - phrase, he/she "can get it"..........they look sooo good that u can see urself having sex with them.

Pink Says: “Lamman Rucker can so get it.”

Beech Azz Nicca - A brotha that acts like a sista, always whinin' and talkin too much, taking your stuff, talking behind your back etc…

Pink Says: “50 cent is a real beech azz nicca.”

Fugly - shorter word for "f****** ugly"

Pink Says: “Gauchos are so fugly.”


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things that are working my nerves this week

Nothing ruins a bright sunny day like a glistening loogey on the sidewalk. If you have to spit, spit in the grass or in the street. I have seen people just walk and spit without stopping. What if you hit someone? That would be a well-earned arse whoopin.

Also smoking in public places should be outlawed. I hate to step out for fresh air only to be greeted with the smell of nicotine. If you want to kill yourself, fine, but I prefer to live. Smoking is unattractive, but when an unattractive person is smoking it’s down right repulsive.

Please keep your bad-arse kids caged or on a leash or at the very least keep them out of my way. Why is it the kid can run around terrorizing the place and the mother does not say one word, but when you say something all hell breaks loose? Example, you are in a PACKED movie theater and some kid is kicking your chair,

“Ma’am, your son is kicking my chair.”

“Jaquesvillian, stop kicking her chair.”

Two minutes later, thump, thump. “Ma’am?”

Thump, Thump

“Stop kicking my chair!”

“ Oh no you didn’t, Mofo dis, mofo dat.”

Or how about the infamous kid in Target or the shopping mall playing hide'n'seek or ‘knock ish down’?

On the flip side children should be allowed to act like children. No kid wants to be out shopping at 8:00 pm or watching a rated R movie at 11:00 pm on a Tuesday night and they should be allowed to run free. No kid should worry about getting dirty or concerned with fashion. Wearing GUCCI is too much pressure on a 5 year old who by the way may prefer the ever-popular Dora the Explorer. Also children are not supposed cursed at for acting like a kid. So you are in the grocery store, “Ma can we have Coco Puffs?” “No mofo. I told your B****A** the we was getting the off-brand.” Calling a child anything, but his or her name is just wrong.

Also calling someone gay is so low. Being gay is not to be taken lightly a lot of them are ostracized from their families, denied some civil rights, and oh, yeah the get their arses kicked. Remember Matthew Shepard? Plus, who would stoop so low to insult a man’s manhood? That is a no-no. Plus, to infer that someone lives that lifestyle it could be damaging to his or her career due to bigotry and ignorance. Also just because a man is clean and well spoken it does not mean he is gay and good-looking women who do not whore themselves out are not lesbians. It’s not up to me to judge. Being gay is not my battle however it seems that due to the trails they face it should not be a battle someone is pushed into.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

6 Rules for Public Transporation

1. If you see someone running for the bus or train, move out of the way.

When running you build momentum, so if someone is running with the focus of getting to the open door there is a big chance that you could get hit or run into by accident or on purpose. What kills me is the person who is slowly walking ahead has the look on his or her face like "He bet not hit me."

On another note, catching the bus or train is not worth running into traffic, hurting someone or breaking your own leg.

2. Pick up your feet.

What really, really kills me is people who walk unbelievably slow especially during rush hour. Sometimes you can see the people behind doing the 'stop n go' dance or the shuffle. I know I walk fast naturally, but damn don't we all have somewhere to be?

3. When you get on the bus or train, move along. Do not block the doorway. Other people would like to get on too.

Also I'll add move over too. You pay for a ride not necessarily a seat. There is no need to spread your stuff over both seats, put your feet up, or sit in the aisle seat mean muggin in order to have a seat to yourself. That is just plain ornery.

4. When riding the Metro escalator stand on the right and walk on the left.

Too many times I have missed my train because one person is not paying attention to social cues or being rude and standing on the left side.

Occasionally, a determined rider will say 'excuse me' and that will set the tone for the next few riders. You would think that after being told 'excuse me' more than twice the offender will move. Too many times this not the case and trains are missed or someone will shout an obscenity.

FYI if the escalator is coming to an end, walk off. Too many people stand there stupefied like an alligator is waiting or something. This can cause a people pile up.

5. When crossing the street wait for your light or at least make sure no cars are coming.

It is pure stupidity to walk out in the middle of the street, stop to let the cars pass, walk, wait for the other cars, then reach other side. Just wait for the little man to give you the thumps up to walk. Shaving 10 seconds off of crossing the street is not worth getting hit, in my opinion.

6. Travel light and pay attention.

Why is it necessary to have a purse, lunch bag, computer bag, gym bag and a tote? Oh yeah and do you really need to listen to your iPod, check your e-mail and read while crossing the street? Not only is this behavior stupid, it is dangerous and unhealthy. Being preoccupied makes you an easy target for thieves, predators and boogey men. Plus, the weight of all the bags can hurt your arms and back not to mention the eye strain from all of the electronics.

Let us use common sense and treat each other with respect.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Stanning

What is a stan? Below is the best description from someone at Urban Dictionary. com:

1. stan - Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a "stan" is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.

A Typical Kobe Bryant Stan would say something like. "Kobe Bryant scored 81 points last night. Kobe could beat God himself in a game of 1 on 1 hoops. To hell with Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain, they aren't on Kobe's level!"

stalker fanatic fan obsessed infatuated blind loyalty by Terminator-C Feb 12, 2006 email it 0 comments

So I am not really a stan, but I really really like the bands from Making the Band 4 in the following order: Day 26, Danity Kane and Donnie.

I don't have a favorite in Day 26. However I like Mike the least. Can you say PRICK? Prior to going to their Meet & Greet after the MTB4 concert in Baltimore, I'd read on the blogs that Brian and Robert were the coolest and Mike was an a-hole. Well both Robert and Mike must have been on their periods the day of the Meet & Greet. I mean Robert is from the D too so I expected some light convo i.e. What high school did you go to? Eastside or Westside? 6 mile, 7 mile or 8 mile? What did I get? Nothing just a tight smile and a head nod. Well, bump you too.

Mike! Mike can I get some eye contact? I mean I bought the album, paid for the concert and the Meet & Greet. In the words of a comedian I can't remember the name of "I put them rims, on your car." He was referring to the weed man standing by a pimped out car who acted like he was doing him a favor by selling him weed. Essentially, Mike I helped put you on the other side of the table. You could at least smile and pretend to be interested. He just rubbeb me the wrong way. You know you and Robert owe me $12.72 each.

Well, I forgave Robert. I still remember his swagger through out the show and he reminds me of myself sometimes. Besides we all have our bad days, right? I haven't changed my mind about Mike even though I like how he just tells it like it is sometimes. Anyhoo. I don't have a favorite but Que, Will and Brian really impressed me. They seemed so genuinely happy to be there and grateful for their fans. Que reminds me of the cute guy in high school who was popular because he got along with everyone and wanted everyone to be cool. When I think of Will I think of loyalty for some reason. He's got that real grown and sexy swagger. Plus his wife is brown skinned. Brian reminds me of Scrappy Doo. His voice is amazing and he seems hungry like he really wants to do well. He's little too. I connect more with Will and Brian because I'm grown and sexy myself. I got a hug from Will and Brian kissed my right cheek unprompted. He seems like a womanizer, but who could he resist the sweetness of my cheek? Way cool right?

I got autographs from Danity Kane. My favorite is Dawn, but she wasn't there. They put on a good show and they are all tiny. I mean like under 5'4. Wanita was surprisingly sweet. Aundrea and Shannon were too. Aubrey was not and let's leave at that (Christina Aguilera wanna be).

Donnie was a sweetheart too, but a little shorter than I expected. I got a picture with him. We were not supposed to take pictures or have anything signed at the Meet & Greet. WTF? I got autographs from the girls and Donnie, not the guys. I didn't have anything to sign; I expected them to have promo pics and pens. They didn't have either. The girls and Donnie did.

It was a good night and I still heart the guys and girls from MTB4. The new video for the second single from the Day 26 album came out a week ago and I still watch it at least three times in a row. I hope they do well and I can say I met them when.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Stan for MTB4

Ok, since February the 2 out of 3 bands from Making the Band 4 have released an album. Boy do they 'got that fiyah fo ya.' Let me start with Danity Kane. I like every song on the album and for some reason I did not notice that all five can actually sing on the first album. On Welcome to the Dollhouse the mic was shared almost equally. I play the album at least once a day. The production is flawless. The album is so cohesive. It doesn't sound like a bunch of songs thrown together. My favorites are 'Strip Tease' and 'Ecstacy.'

Now on to the guys. I heart this group. They make me feel like a teenager again. Anyone who knows me knows that I used to love me some Immature. Batman was my favorite. These guys, Day 26,are bringing that old school singing and charm back. In a day where people like Cassie and Soulja Boy are putting out music the Day 26 album is, um refreshing. Though at first glance the guys would exactly qualify as 'lookers' in my book; they get by on pure charisma. They are just so darn likable. This group is also a little rough around the edges. In an interview both Que and Robert laughed about being touched aka molested by their teen aged female baby sitters. It isn't as bad as it sounds. The interview was included in VIBE magazines sex survey. Google it. Oh yeah ant there is still that 'thing' about all the members claiming to be single. Brian and Will are married. I guess they forgot about this new phenomena, social networking. You know MySpace and Facebook. Both of them have pics of their wife and kids. Anywho, back to the album.

In the tradition of Jodeci and New Edition this album of theirs is straight Rhythm and Blues. They take you through the ups and downs of relationships with such poetry and emotion. All five can sang which is really rare for a guy group. Usually there are three lead singers at best, a beat maker and a looker.

My favorite songs on the album are 'Don't Fight the Feeling, ' 'Just Should have Told You' and 'Since you Been Gone.' Love it.

I actually met them more about that later. What's a stan? More on that later too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BET and "Barack Obama: What's in it for us?"

WTF was Jeff (host) thinking asking Barack why he had a black wife? That was so rude. However I do think that if he put her out on the campaign trail more often he would appeal more to African American women. Michelle is smart, strong and sexy all on her own and I think that it is important for us to see black women as more than butt cheeks.

And why did they have to title the show, "What's in it for us?' WTF? How come black people have to play dumb and want to be coddled all the time? The man speaks on health care, education, affordable housing, etc... which effects more than black people so why do have to ask "What's in it for us?" if you need health care, an eduation or whatever then whatever he says applies to you. I don't think he should cater to blacks and only blacks. He is running for pres of the US of A not mayor of Detroit or DC.

Why question his blackness? I swear we don't want to be sterotyped, but we stereotype ourselves.

New Beginnings

I love when the weather begins to change. September is my favorite month of the year followed by February. February is a month of extreme cabin fever, I can't sit still. All I want to do is shop, plan my summer and evaluate where I am in my career goals.

Right now, I'm starting a new job hunt and the possibilities are endless. I want to stay in the nonprofit sector for sure and I'm looking into develepment. So any leads, prayers, and referrals are welcome. :)

This summer New Orleans, Lousiana is my vacation spot of choice. This year the Essence Music Festival returns home and I want to be there to celebrate. Hotel and flight costs are expensive so some extra hours at my part-time gig is imperative.

Second to finding a new full-time job is getting a new wardrobe to match. My goodness! I am jonesing to try the new wide leg trousers, crisp white shirts, shirt dresses and a new everyday bag. H&M, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft will be my starting points.

Anywho, I am really feeling Making the Band 4 Season 2. I was a big fan on MTB, but MTB4 was the the best by far. These boys have talent and they are just so darn likeable. The guys P. Diddy picked all deserve it and the music will speak for itself. In Season 2 I was not too excited about including the girls from MTB3, but it proves great for drama and romance. Oh yes, and Robert holds it down for the D.