Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ARe you KiDDing, Me?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LearnVe$T...Your Finances...Uncomplicated

A Facebook Friend and real-life buddy posted this link on her page and it is awesome. The web site is visually appealing and the content is great. I'm not a financial buff, but I know a thing or two and this site makes it easy to get a real snap shot of wear you are financially. BTW, I think I'll start the Boot camp program for January. :) Click the title to view the Web site.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So you wanna reply?

I hate e-mails like really, I do, but can’t live without them so below I’ve composed a list of Do’s and Don’ts IF you want a reply from me.
1. Do include a salutation. Not greeting someone is just rude, now if this is second or third e-mail in one day no greeting is necessary, but whenever you make initial contact especially early in the morning, say hello.

2. Don’t e-mail me at 8:30 a.m. and expect a reply by 8:35 a.m. I don’t even get to work until 9:15 ish. Besides e-mail isn’t AIM, how pompous of you to believe I’m sitting at my desk waiting for instructions from you? Oh and if you call me and/or come to my office asking did I get your e-mail, it’s a wrap. You may as well be talking to a brick.

3. Do be concise. Tell me what you want from me in the first two sentences. You can leave more gibberish, eh detail in the rest of the e-mail. Long ass e-mails get placed in the follow-up folder.

4. Don’t copy my boss, your boss, the assistant and yo momma. I absolutely hate when someone “drops the ball” then in an effort to cover her ass sends an e-mail stating she’s been “trying to contact me” or “someone just gave her the project” yadda, yadda, yadda. You called 10 minutes ago and sent an e-mail 7 minutes ago, I’m on lunch break. FYI my first job was in banking so I live by CYOB (Cover Your Own Butt). I log when I called you, keep all e-mails and I always follow-up.

5. Don’t call me anything other than the name on my business card, Candace, not Candi, Candyhead or Kiddo.

6. Don't send one word e-mails. Just end with, Thanks. I can't stand an inbox full of "thanks'" and "OKs."


Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey, it's OK...

…to wear the same black pants twice in a week. If your co-worker notices, she ain’t working.

…if you are not a fan of Precious (aka Gabourey Sidibe).

…to not like sports. That’s what his boys are for.

…to wear the same outfit two Mondays in a row. You still look hot, right?

… if you’re not in the Holiday Spirit.

…to stay in on a Friday night. Getting poked in the club is not as much fun as it sounds.

…if you don’t want to give to St. Judes, AmFar, The Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club.

…to count marinara sauce a vegetable.

As much as I luv blogs, I heart magazines even more. Glamour is one of my favorites and I look foward to their monthly piece, "Hey it's OK..." I decided to do my own version above.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I have a confession, I’ve had the same New Year’s Resolutions for over a decade. Only “make the Dean’s List” has turned into "get a new job” and those five pounds never went away. Last year I tried changing my way of thinking, instead of creating a list of items to get a check off my list, I thought 2010 is the year of more, more veggies, more exercising, more money. Well, it’s December again, New Year’s Resolution time and I am determined to have a better success rate in 2011.

Once again the paradigm has shifted. Though I still like the idea of thinking in terms of more, I’m going to try to get better in 2011. Instead of trying to obtain items I don’t have, I’ll just focus on building on the things I do have.

I’m already a great friend and a hard worker so instead of focusing on “networking” why not put more time into building the relationships I do have which may lead to referrals and leads anyway.

I already have a good job, now I’ll just focus on becoming better at it; a better reputation and skill set will lead to a better position.

Instead of trying to a find a new exhilarating hobby, my time off will be spent with that Canon Rebel currently collecting dust in my closet.

I have a good life, but it can always be better.