Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She’s a DIVA

So I’m doing my daily blog round and introduced me to Mariel Haeann, stylist to Rihanna. I’ve always wondered who the mastermind behind the puppet was. I did a little digging, just a little and came across an article on that listed Mariel’s top ten must haves for women. The list is below. Enjoy!

1.“A black blazer makes any look edgy and fashion forward,” says Haenn. “You can wear with it jeans or a pencil skirt, or even a dress, with the sleeves pushed up.”

2. “A thin cashmere scarf in a bright pop color,” says Haenn.

3. “A trench coat is a great, classic way of dressing up any look.”

4. “An oversized sweater is both comfortable and chic with a pair of leggings.”

5. “Black leather leggings by Helmut Lang” are a must-have, according to Haenn.

6. Her favorite brand of denim: “J Brand skinny jeans are great for getting dressed up and wearing with boots.”

7. Every girl needs a vintage belt, says Haenn. “Anything vintage is usually a great bargain, as well as a special piece that you know no one else will have.”

8. “A pair of leather driving gloves from LaCrasia Gloves in red or purple will add instant style to any look,” says Haenn.

9. “A cashmere cardigan by Theory is good to throw on over any outfit and cashmere always adds luxury,” says Haenn.

10. “A men’s white button-down by H&M is cheap but always classic,” says Haenn. “Throw a belt over it, and that’s an easy way to look timeless and chic.”

Great advice, right, sans the designer labels? For more about Mariel go to she’s also styled Ciara and the Smiths (aka Will and Jada).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Darkskin vs Redbone Party in 2009?

So I am cruising the net like usual and I get on MediaTakeOut for my daily dose on foolishness and boy was I blown away. So in Atlanta they are promoting a Dark skin vs. Redbone party. Really in 2009? What would this party look like, the best dark skinned sistas with low self esteem and the best redbones with low self esteem bumping and grinding on some broke dude pretending to be Gucci Man? First of all I hate ‘versus’ parties. No good can come out of it, but dark vs. light? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!???? I hate to say it but it’s a set up for brown skinned women to be humiliated cause let’s be reality the people who are caught up in this whole ‘bling, bling,” she Baddd, stanky leg party, party culture are brainwashed by the media anyway and the media says, “No dark butts allowed, unless you’ve got an incredibly fat ass.” I’m lying?

So the dark butts gone be sweating and exploiting themselves extra hard and then the ‘prize’ if there is one is gonna go to the everyday, regular, garden variety ‘red bone’ cause she light. Am, I lying? No sir. No woman should degrade herself at one of these versus parties based on nothing but skin color or looks period. Now I could understand if it was a dance battle between coasts a la America’s Best Dance Crew, but to base the winner on if you pass the paper bag test is ludicrous.

It only gives light to that gaping wound of low self-esteem and self hatred that the black community doesn’t even attempt to cover. I mean this is no knick or paper cut this is a gruesome, bloody, painful wound. The kind of wound that transformed Lil’Kim to Kim Ming Ho and little Mike Jackson to some white lady. It’s the kind of wound that has little brown girls carrying their worth in the size of their caboose and prevents an entire people from experiencing true sisterhood. Instead we got hateration, jealousy, malice and greed running rampant.

I don’t care what anyone says, there is no such thing as color blind and we all ain’t treated equal and we know it. Just like racism, colorism is alive and they ain’t trying to conceal it. The proof is in the picture. I can’t believe that in 2009 we are still standing at square one. Everyone involved in the planning and promotion of this party needs some self esteem, a kick in the ass and a hug. Don’t them ninjas know beauty’s only skin deep?

Monday, July 20, 2009

She Rocked That....Don't Let Them Clothes Wear You

Black Barbie. Black IS the new BLACK!

I came across this post on Vogue Italia will follow-up last year's super successful 'all black' issue with an issue full of black barbies. Say what? Is this a ploy for mo dolla's or a sincere nod to us as fashion gods? Any way you know the issue will be uber fierce click the title to learn more and see some fab pics.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day26 Stan Reporting

So HoneyMag is doing the dang thang! They did an interview with Dawn Richard and now Day 26. Oh joy! The photos are photos I’ve seen before, but I liked the interview. Read it here

I like how Willie stands up for his relationship now. Before they wouldn’t own up their significant others. I follow both Willie and his wife Lashonda aka Niyana on twitter and YouTube and I heart this couple. That twitter fight was a mess though. I don’t care how much we in love you ain’t gone say I fudge up everything every time and have me apologizing on no internet forum. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Any who his wife is a sweetheart and you can tell she loves him and their kid. She is also hella funny. Sometimes I admit I laugh at her but I also laugh with her too.

Robert was so right about the jump-off question. The major difference between wifey and the jump-off is conversation, if there is any. Ha! And Willie with his “Can we go on a date first?” comment too true. I cannot fathom for the life of me how you can share your body with a man who you can’t even talk to and hasn’t even taken you anywhere in public and spent his resources on you meaning mind, time and money. Then they like the girl know the difference too which I’m not so sure about. She may know the difference initially, but she may be fool enough to believe she’ll be promoted. Then again she may not know. A lot of women have that ‘golden coochie’ hang up.

BTW. Congrats to the guys to winning the "Best Group" BET Award for what it's worth.

Dawn, this is the best you've ever looked!

So I have a love-hate relationship with the friend in my head, Dawn Richard formerly of Danity Kane. She recently hit the net via Honey Magazine online, click the title for the link, and took some of her best photos ever! Go here for the full interview

I like the shoot and each photo transforms her into a different person which confirms I really need to get some make-up!

Ok about the article. I would heart her if she just didn't play dumb with the whole Danity Kane thing and if she didn't have poor Aundrea following behind her. Ugh! However I do understand her and I like the fact that she is trying to create an image, thing is what is that image? Who are you Dawn Richard as an artist? You were R&B now you rock? Been there done that. Why every body on this 'fashionista' tip? Just be yourself don't try too hard to be a 'star.' I get what she is trying to portray as a person, but that celebrity image/persona need some work and some truth.

Hi Hater! Thanks for your support.

I’ve said before that the word “hater’ should be retired, but I take that back. I just can’t seem to find a better word to describe the type of insecure loser that confesses his or her lack of confidence by saying mean things for no reason and going out his or her way to take away a good thing from someone else. The hater comes forth only steal and to kill and wreak havoc on the very person he wants to be or has something he wants.

We’ve all hated or have been hated on, but a hater goes a little further than making a catty remark in passing. The hater makes it her job to make sure that everyone in her world is miserable. Yes ma’am they do and the hater isn’t always the person talking smack and being a bitch. No the hater can be the ‘sweet’ bubbly girl that everyone loves. Trust me. I was silly enough to believe I didn’t have haters like that but in the past I’ve had the roaches come after my job, my relationships and my self esteem.

Yes, I’ve been catty before and I confess that is happens when I have days that I don’t feel that great. You know that day when your hair could not be tamed, the laundry forces you to wear that outfit you hate or for some reason you don’t feel that confident. It happens at networking events and parties and other social gatherings where you see a chic (who in your opinion you look better than) seems to be having a better time than you. It can happen in everyday matters too, but the point is we all have that moment of weakness where we say something not so nice about someone else to make ourselves feel better. Admit it.

The occasional fudge up doesn’t make you a hater. A hater will bring up the negative in every situation and the remark is usually irrelevant to the task at hand. Prime example your child hood friend introduces you to his fiancé and your first comment in your head is, “She ain’t that cute.” Hater! What about being happy for your friend? And if you say that ish out loud, you are most def a certified HATER! Someone gets a promotion who doesn’t even work with you and you talking about it ain’t that much more money, hater! A girl is strutting in the club like she own the joint and you talking about “Who see think she is, she ain’t all dat” hater! What does her thinking she hot have to do with you? FYI there can be more than one hot person in the room who is the hottest depends on you asking.

Haters have a lack mentality like there is not to go around. They believe that your success takes away from their success so they will do anything to take what you have. They believe that because they aren’t confident then you shouldn’t be either. Why else would they point out your little pooch or you missing wisdom tooth? Yes the hate can be so strong they all in your mouth. It’s almost like why is she smiling with her crooked teeth? If it was me I wouldn’t be smiling cause I care what people think. Haters aren’t happy people so they want your happiness. Cause you know there is a shortage of happiness and happiness is the same thing for everyone, right?

Haters spend a lot of time and make a concerted effort to hate. Haters use time that they could be using improving themselves to document how many times you came in tardy; find out how many exes you’ve had and advertise how many times you’ve worn your favorite headband. I finally understand the term, “my haters make me greater” cause they do. When someone goes out of her way to let me know I ain’t all that, it only confirms my alldatness. Our haters let us know we have something work having. Say thank you.