Monday, June 8, 2009

Question of the Day: Are We Being Too Critical of President Obama?

So Bossip asked "Are We Being Too Critical of President Obama?" Click on the title to see what other bloggers said. My answer is, yes. There is a reason the term is four years. There is no way is sam hell he can have America do a complete 180 in six months. People expect too much for no reason. Obama never claimed to be a magician he always said that change would happen over time.

The real problem with people being too critical comes from a lack on knowledge. Let's go back to 5th grade social studies. There is this thing called "check and balances" and there are three branches of government which basically means. Pres. Obama does not wake up and make all the decisions by himself. The process takes time. He can not decide to withdraw the troops after a good night's sleep and with in hours our brothers, sisters, and cousins will be home. Not gonna happen. He doesn't make decisions by himself.

I don't think Obama has to have all the answers, but he has built a great team help him gather information and draw a conclusion. He does not need to be an expert in everything he only needs to have experts around him to help make his decision. Does your CEO do the accounting and maintain the web site? Plus what do we all really know about foreign relations and terrorist groups? Don't ask me a darn thing, but I do know that Americans poor and rich are all interconnected. Heck everyone on this planet is connected to one another some how. The point is people form their opinions on too little information with out understanding all that is involved and how the process works. I am not saying that if we all did the same research that we would draw the same conclusion. We would have valid opinions at the very least.

For example, I am in no way an economist, but I do understand supply and demand. If there is no demand (people can't buy stuff/unemployment/penny-pinching) then supply goes down (workforce is cut not only at the store, but manufacturer and so on including advertising firms, etc.) When people don't work they can't pay bills and some need help from the government at some point. So government spending is inevitable. We might as well try to prevent 'breadlines' by creating jobs and other opportunities before we get into dire situations. So why are people so pissed about Obama spending so much?

We are already in debt. It's the American way, right? As far as bailouts what are the alternatives? We let the banks fall and what, the Hilton's and Oprah are gonna save us? The auto-industry gets KO'ed and not only the factory workers will be out of a job. Management will be gone, so will the business to business relationships (i.e. insurers, supply firms, creditors, etc...) See interconnected and no matter how much we've saved hands will be out to government sooner or later.

As far as the national debt and government spending I say debt is okay, just make sure to make sound investments. Health care, education and government infastructure seem like good investments to me. I hear the argument about our children will have to pay for the spending later. Duh. Sounds like that giant student loan debt to me. Alls I know is that if I felt like I was gonna lose my job or in any way or form be forced to undertake a financial hardship. I ain't havin no kids. Believe it or not some people plan for children and if I could not afford to give my baby the basic necessities I ain't havin none which could diminish the workforce if and when it decided to grow or cost a lot in health care if the market bounced back and at an older age I decided to get pregnant. Besides people are hungry now.

I'll give President Obama at a year at the very least to see what direction he chooses. Right now it seems like America is one giant boat with a giant hole in it or several holes in it. Obama is trying to fill those holes and people are spending too much time throwing rocks at his head or critising his methods to close the hole(s). Meanwhile the holes are getting bigger. I see it this way come up with a better fair plan or support the ones we have. If you can't do either jump ship.

On the last note. When will black people shut up about "our issues." What is our issue exactly? Is it lack of quality health care? Or education? How about the lack of jobs? Isn't that what he is working on right now? Right, so shut up! America's issues are our issues just because it's not spoon fed or set before us on a platter that say's "For Black People" it does not mean our issues are not addressed.

If you were a broke and unhappy before Obama, you will be broke and unhappy after Obama. As for the so-called conservative Republicans who don't do their own jobs because they spend so much time criticising Obama shut the flip up and/or come up with better less self serving ideas. You already had your turn and look what it got us. Some one threw a shoe at your Commander-in-Chief, the symbol a leadership for our country. Thanks for tarnishing the image of America in the eyes of it's citizens and the world. Thank you and sit down.