Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I can only imagine the vacations Palin would take.

I’m a little late on getting my thoughts out about First Lady Obama’s trip to Spain with cutie-patootie Sasha, but here goes. I really didn’t think it was a big deal until articles like this one New York Daily News started popping up. Folks (i.e. Republican’ts, white people, and dumb black folks) are upset over Lady O’s vacation. Some are not upset over the vacation, just the lavishness of it; some are just upset over the vacation. What did I think when I saw the photos? OMG! She looks fabulous! Ha Ha Ha.

I don’t care if she takes a billion vacations on the tax payers dime or not (some reports say that she spent her own money and that the taxpayers covered secret service and all that jazz). Well I do care a little, but I have a very high tolerance rate for her so she’d have to take almost a billion vacations to upset me, but anyhoo. It’s a recession right? Everyone should be sad and struggling. No one should be living the “good life” right now. Eh, Candace ain’t in a recession, in fact Candace got a raise, a promotion and a better place this year. God is good. The Obama’s aren’t in a recession either and I don’t think they would be if they weren’t in the White House. True.

I’m glad to see them “eating good.” Americans are a selfish self-righteous people. People have been buying jets, $70 hotdogs, Christian Loubitins, and multiple million dollar homes for years while entire cities and communities experienced extreme poverty and unemployment (Appalachian mountain communities, Detroit, Flint, Toledo, etc.). We (Americans) were cool with paying celebrities millions upon millions to tell us how much money they make and how they are gonna “blow” it. We allowed the rich to receive tax cuts for years and we allowed our city leaders to neglect our roads, schools, and well being. So why be made now? I highly doubt anyone personally felt the pinch in his pocket over the Obama vacations.

Let’s be real right now; most people if they had the money and wanted to, would take a 5-star vacation and not give a damn if John Doe somewhere in Indiana lost his job at the plant. So if you could, you would, but can’t and mad cause someone else DID. Isn’t that called, HATING? America is full of Haters? Ya’ll hating on the First Lady? (Did that come out right?)
Besides, how would the image of a homely, down trodden, sour faced First Family help the American economy? What image would that project?