Monday, September 20, 2010

Trey is for Kids....

So I'm a Trey Songz fan, luved "Gotta Go," bumped "Missin You", "Black Roses" is my jam and dude is killin me wit "Can't be Friends." I don't care for the video, it seems he's now a member of the "NO BLACK GIRLS ALLOWED CLUB." See below.

I really like the fact that dude is putting in work and you can see he wants to be a great entertainer, but he lacks personality and it seems his music is a mix of grown folk R&B and that sticky, sticky, licky, licky music for the kids. I prefer the former. That whole sellin sex, get money music is nothing but a paper chase. In my opinion he needs to pick an audience and stick with it; he could make music for now and eventually become played out when the trend fades.

I went to a see Trey and Monica in DC and the divide in audiences was glaring. First off, the concert started on time. It was scheduled for 8:00 pm, I got there at 8:30 pm and Monica was half through her set! WTH was Monica doing opening for Trey anyway? When she sang "First Night" half the crowd sat in a blank stare while the half bobbed and sang along. Remember when Monica and Brandy ruled the charts?

Treyz's set was all sex NOT makin luv. He brought a girl onstage and gave her a massage which reminded me of when I went to Immature concerts as a kid and they sang "Please Don't Go" or "Never Lie." All the kiddie's were screaming as Mr. Songz humped the air and stuck out his tongue. I realized I'm too old for all this screaming and hollering. He sang maybe one ballad, but the rest were "Say Ahhs," you know all the music the younger set would enjoy.
Still luv, Trey though. I'm hoping to get ticket for Usher's OMG tour. Trey will open, but I hope he ups his set though, that whole R. Kelly/Bobby Brown set was for the kids.