Friday, January 14, 2011

Where yo mama at?

This article on Clutch made me laugh. I so agree with everything, but #13. I HATE when people say “Shoot I need some charity myself,” or something equally insensitive or uncouth. You can just say, “not today” or “no thank.” Geez, the little baby battling a fatal disease didn’t do anything but be born and they should not be treated as a trifling matter by yo ass buying three ugly ass sweaters at 50% off. Putting yourself in the “I need” situation is distasteful because you don’t NEED three sweaters.

One more point, the cashier is just doing his or her job. This leads me to add my pet peeve the list.

I can’t stand when people go through the trouble to be rude and offensive. For example if you felt it was rude to ask you to donate, isn’t it even ruder to write a nasty letter to the store or take the energy to complain about it? You ain’t got nothing else to do? Recently I sent an e-blast for work about a Multicultural event to a list serve (i.e. a group of people interested or associated with our organization) and I received an e-mail from a white guy spewing off some dumb ass comments about his lack of diversity and receiving the e-mail. First you ignoramus multiculturalism is about embracing all cultures and if you don’t like it just delete the e-mail. K?

The comments are so true too like not greeting people or not saying thank you or acknowledging my “thank you.” I have to admit I used to be a little guilty of not saying hello sometimes cause I’d come in a be like “Good Morning” and everybody just look in your face without a smile or a nod, so I was like eff then. Now I’m going back to me and you’ll get a “What up doe.” Click the title for the piece.