Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama 2012?

It’s an election year, yet again (Time flys, right?) and I will vote for Obama again albeit with a little less zeal as the first time. I’ve been riding with Obama this past three years, but the last couple of months have cast some disappointment his way. I’ve had to write a letter or two. It started with the Troy Davis situation; yes it was a state issue but he could have at least acknowledged the situation. The same goes for Trayvon Martin; in this case I believe action is appropriate this is a civil rights issue. I can’t hide it; I was hoping he would acknowledge Whitney’s death. She is an icon. I just kept hearing Kanye’s voice saying “Barack Obama does not care about black people,” in my head.

I’ve always used the argument that he is not the black president and that the reason the black community is may seem to be ignored in the national agenda is because we don’t have a cause per se. Gay people want the get married and Hispanics have the immigration issue, but to me black people have too many issues and we have gotten our “cause “together yet, but anyway. Barack should at least acknowledge our losses; he should know we’re an emotional people.  BTW, I believe no amount of assistance from government can alleviate our problems, we have some deep rooted emotional and mental issues, but that’s another issue.

Oh and I’m against this pipeline thing, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea for the environment or the poor Americans who will have to build it. Someone will get rich off of this and the wealth will not be distributed. So yes, Barack is not perfect and I have to admit he has let me down, but he still has my vote.

I’ve heard a lot of talk from black people about voting for Ron Paul and so
me people are declaring that they won’t vote at all; either choice is not good. American people, black people especially have this hero, great hope, paternalistic savior view of people in power which is dangerous because you will always be let down. I’m not genius but I understand the political system and the branches of government and democracy. A politician is a politician his goal is to get re-elected, but as voters we hold great power. A politician will do whatever voters want to hold his position. During an election things get sticky and heated, but instead of transferring that “Captain Save Us” burden from one man to another, we should make demands of the ones who currently hold offices. And let's be real Obama has accomplished a lot and these Republican losers are freaking scary and let's just be real, stupid and arrogant and therefore dangerous.

Strides have been made in gay marriage, health care and at first the White house made a statement about not commenting on the Martin case, but I’m pretty sure President Obama was made aware of the angry black mothers and young people demanding some attention to the matter. So voices are being heard, just not the ones hoping and wishing to get saved, but the ones threatening and demanding action.