Friday, April 6, 2012

Luv This...a balance to Nicki's Barbie steez....

From the Fashion Bomb Daily

" Mattel unveiled its newest addition to the Barbie range, ‘I Can Be President Barbie.’ The toy company tapped Chris Benz to design the doll’s outfit, which features a smart pink blouse, jacket with red, white, and blue ruffle trim, and skirt in a vintage Chris Benz fabric. The designer explained to Styleite why he put Barbie in a skirt rather than a pantsuit: “I think just in terms of not being overtly masculine, a skirt suit is that classic silhouette that I think is really, really polished and pretty. I think pants sometimes take it to a different territory — a little bit sportier.” What do you think of the new doll? (Styleite)"

I heart the diversity of the dolls too. The Asian doll even has straight hair.