Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Stan for MTB4

Ok, since February the 2 out of 3 bands from Making the Band 4 have released an album. Boy do they 'got that fiyah fo ya.' Let me start with Danity Kane. I like every song on the album and for some reason I did not notice that all five can actually sing on the first album. On Welcome to the Dollhouse the mic was shared almost equally. I play the album at least once a day. The production is flawless. The album is so cohesive. It doesn't sound like a bunch of songs thrown together. My favorites are 'Strip Tease' and 'Ecstacy.'

Now on to the guys. I heart this group. They make me feel like a teenager again. Anyone who knows me knows that I used to love me some Immature. Batman was my favorite. These guys, Day 26,are bringing that old school singing and charm back. In a day where people like Cassie and Soulja Boy are putting out music the Day 26 album is, um refreshing. Though at first glance the guys would exactly qualify as 'lookers' in my book; they get by on pure charisma. They are just so darn likable. This group is also a little rough around the edges. In an interview both Que and Robert laughed about being touched aka molested by their teen aged female baby sitters. It isn't as bad as it sounds. The interview was included in VIBE magazines sex survey. Google it. Oh yeah ant there is still that 'thing' about all the members claiming to be single. Brian and Will are married. I guess they forgot about this new phenomena, social networking. You know MySpace and Facebook. Both of them have pics of their wife and kids. Anywho, back to the album.

In the tradition of Jodeci and New Edition this album of theirs is straight Rhythm and Blues. They take you through the ups and downs of relationships with such poetry and emotion. All five can sang which is really rare for a guy group. Usually there are three lead singers at best, a beat maker and a looker.

My favorite songs on the album are 'Don't Fight the Feeling, ' 'Just Should have Told You' and 'Since you Been Gone.' Love it.

I actually met them more about that later. What's a stan? More on that later too.