Wednesday, July 23, 2008

6 Rules for Public Transporation

1. If you see someone running for the bus or train, move out of the way.

When running you build momentum, so if someone is running with the focus of getting to the open door there is a big chance that you could get hit or run into by accident or on purpose. What kills me is the person who is slowly walking ahead has the look on his or her face like "He bet not hit me."

On another note, catching the bus or train is not worth running into traffic, hurting someone or breaking your own leg.

2. Pick up your feet.

What really, really kills me is people who walk unbelievably slow especially during rush hour. Sometimes you can see the people behind doing the 'stop n go' dance or the shuffle. I know I walk fast naturally, but damn don't we all have somewhere to be?

3. When you get on the bus or train, move along. Do not block the doorway. Other people would like to get on too.

Also I'll add move over too. You pay for a ride not necessarily a seat. There is no need to spread your stuff over both seats, put your feet up, or sit in the aisle seat mean muggin in order to have a seat to yourself. That is just plain ornery.

4. When riding the Metro escalator stand on the right and walk on the left.

Too many times I have missed my train because one person is not paying attention to social cues or being rude and standing on the left side.

Occasionally, a determined rider will say 'excuse me' and that will set the tone for the next few riders. You would think that after being told 'excuse me' more than twice the offender will move. Too many times this not the case and trains are missed or someone will shout an obscenity.

FYI if the escalator is coming to an end, walk off. Too many people stand there stupefied like an alligator is waiting or something. This can cause a people pile up.

5. When crossing the street wait for your light or at least make sure no cars are coming.

It is pure stupidity to walk out in the middle of the street, stop to let the cars pass, walk, wait for the other cars, then reach other side. Just wait for the little man to give you the thumps up to walk. Shaving 10 seconds off of crossing the street is not worth getting hit, in my opinion.

6. Travel light and pay attention.

Why is it necessary to have a purse, lunch bag, computer bag, gym bag and a tote? Oh yeah and do you really need to listen to your iPod, check your e-mail and read while crossing the street? Not only is this behavior stupid, it is dangerous and unhealthy. Being preoccupied makes you an easy target for thieves, predators and boogey men. Plus, the weight of all the bags can hurt your arms and back not to mention the eye strain from all of the electronics.

Let us use common sense and treat each other with respect.