Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things that are working my nerves this week

Nothing ruins a bright sunny day like a glistening loogey on the sidewalk. If you have to spit, spit in the grass or in the street. I have seen people just walk and spit without stopping. What if you hit someone? That would be a well-earned arse whoopin.

Also smoking in public places should be outlawed. I hate to step out for fresh air only to be greeted with the smell of nicotine. If you want to kill yourself, fine, but I prefer to live. Smoking is unattractive, but when an unattractive person is smoking it’s down right repulsive.

Please keep your bad-arse kids caged or on a leash or at the very least keep them out of my way. Why is it the kid can run around terrorizing the place and the mother does not say one word, but when you say something all hell breaks loose? Example, you are in a PACKED movie theater and some kid is kicking your chair,

“Ma’am, your son is kicking my chair.”

“Jaquesvillian, stop kicking her chair.”

Two minutes later, thump, thump. “Ma’am?”

Thump, Thump

“Stop kicking my chair!”

“ Oh no you didn’t, Mofo dis, mofo dat.”

Or how about the infamous kid in Target or the shopping mall playing hide'n'seek or ‘knock ish down’?

On the flip side children should be allowed to act like children. No kid wants to be out shopping at 8:00 pm or watching a rated R movie at 11:00 pm on a Tuesday night and they should be allowed to run free. No kid should worry about getting dirty or concerned with fashion. Wearing GUCCI is too much pressure on a 5 year old who by the way may prefer the ever-popular Dora the Explorer. Also children are not supposed cursed at for acting like a kid. So you are in the grocery store, “Ma can we have Coco Puffs?” “No mofo. I told your B****A** the we was getting the off-brand.” Calling a child anything, but his or her name is just wrong.

Also calling someone gay is so low. Being gay is not to be taken lightly a lot of them are ostracized from their families, denied some civil rights, and oh, yeah the get their arses kicked. Remember Matthew Shepard? Plus, who would stoop so low to insult a man’s manhood? That is a no-no. Plus, to infer that someone lives that lifestyle it could be damaging to his or her career due to bigotry and ignorance. Also just because a man is clean and well spoken it does not mean he is gay and good-looking women who do not whore themselves out are not lesbians. It’s not up to me to judge. Being gay is not my battle however it seems that due to the trails they face it should not be a battle someone is pushed into.