Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words of the Moment

I am getting cooler by the minute, I swear. Lately, I’ve picked up a pretty fabulous vocabulary. Most of the terms come from my favorite blogs. Some of them come from my respectable Midwestern upbringing. Below is a list of my favorite words/terms:

The truth – A superlative. The greatest or most positive form it is possible for a person or thing to be.

Pink Says: “Michelle Obama is the truth.”

Stan – Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a "stan" is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.

Pink Says: “Not only am I a Making the Band stan, I’m also a Beyonce stan.”

Hot tranny mess - a more colorful way of calling someone a 'hot mess', itself a way of calling someone a mess. The added color of 'tranny' and 'hot' takes the edge off of calling someone directly a 'mess'. It can have a range of connotations, from negative to neutral. Sometimes, ironically, it can be a compliment.

Pink Says: “Sometimes Tyra Banks can look a hot tranny mess.”

Hawt – In the late 1940's and early 1950's "hawt" was an acronym for "having a wonderful time." It was eventually stolen by scenester f**** to mean, "sexy" or "attractive" because of the downfall of American youth.

Pink Says: “Rhianna be rockin some hawt shoes.”

Gaw jus- Another way to say gorgeous

Pink Says: “Gabrielle Union’s skin is gaw jus.”

The bizness - deliberate respelling of "business" with meanings generally derived from that word. May refer to any purposeful activity, or more specifically to a particular action (commonly sexual) or a matter of personal concern. As with the word "business" from which it derives, may be used in the informal sense of a tongue-lashing or rebuke.

Pink Says: “I had to give that skank the bizness."

Me no likey - originally from Family Guy, this is used to express dislike for someone or something unfavorable

Pink Says: “Open toe boots? Me no likey.”

No ma’am - 1) strong expression of "no". 2) Expressing disbelief

Waiter Says: “Would you like guacamole?”
Pink Says: “No ma’am”

Can get it - phrase, he/she "can get it"..........they look sooo good that u can see urself having sex with them.

Pink Says: “Lamman Rucker can so get it.”

Beech Azz Nicca - A brotha that acts like a sista, always whinin' and talkin too much, taking your stuff, talking behind your back etc…

Pink Says: “50 cent is a real beech azz nicca.”

Fugly - shorter word for "f****** ugly"

Pink Says: “Gauchos are so fugly.”