Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Did That (August)

The new season of Making the Band 4 is here. Yay! So after a few episodes I'm thinking "Um, show me who you really are." The band mates' true colors are really starting to show. I'm starting to think the Danity Kane 'break-up' rumors have some merit. The tension between the girls can't go unnoticed. In one dance rehearsal scene D. Woods didn't even look at Dawn when she was talking to her. And the rumors of some of the guys from Day 26 having bad attitudes become more real when Brian and Laurie Ann faced off. Not one of them came to his defense. Now if you know your brother is a little emotional/hot tempered and he always has been then why would you allow someone to push every one of his buttons? However in this case I don't think he was being too sensitive. Laurie Ann was wrong for telling a grown man to apologize to everyone. Afterwards they had the audacity to talk about brotherhood. Maybe it's me, but I ain't gonna let some dude dog my sister because I have something to gain. Again, "show me who you really are." Nevertheless, I'm still addicted to the show even though some of the love is lost. Check out http://www.mtv.com/ to see full length episodes.

I still can't explain why I watch The Hills. Nothing ever happens and there is never a climax, but the characters are so real. Real fake, I know, but that's life right? Let's just chalk it up to escapism. Let's look into the lives of young rich white girls and the their designer clothes and figures. Again, check out http://www.mtv.com/ to see full length episodes.

Tropic Thunder was disturbing, politically incorrect and hi-freaking-lirous. Robert Downey Jr. was great and Tom Cruise was convincingly creepy. The story seemed to happen organically. Almost like there was no script and the actors made it up as they went along and it just happened to come to coherent ending. This is the best movie Ben Stiller has put out since Meet the Parents. Visit www.imdb.com/title/tt0942385/ for more information about the movie and cast.

Well, it's now September. This is truly when the new year begins. Things are picking up at work and the stores are bursting with new fashions. Everything is changing even mother nature is redecorating. I've made my 'Must Have' list for the season as well as a new set of goals to dive into gung-ho. Energy!

Once again Essence has disappointed me in its feature article on the Obamas. I never learn anything new when reading an Essence cover story. Though the Obamas loved sooooo good on the cover. Michelle also looked fierce of the cover of Ebony, but I don't read Ebony so… Go to http://www.essence.com/ for this month's hot topics.