Friday, December 19, 2008

If I Can Just Touch the Hem of His Garment

Poor Obama is all I can say. Everyone wants a piece of this man and believes he actually owes them something personally. He does, but we have to be realistic and honest. What did he say exactly about that issue that spoke to you? My greatest fear was that people were not listening to what he was saying and that they just jumped on the Obama bandwagon and/or just got caught up in Obamamania. Let’s be reality, it was not too long ago people were questioning his ‘blackness’ and experience and calling him a terrorist, the anti-Christ, an elitist, the list goes on . Most people jumped aboard after he beat Hilary.

Not me of course, I’ve supported Obama since 2004. My admiration began with “Dreams of My Father” and only grew with “The Audacity of Hope.” He had been telling us who he was and what he stood for quite candidly throughout his career. He said he dabbled with drugs, how he felt about his father, why he loved Michelle, and where he came from and even how he found his faith. Even in his campaign he had the gumption to say that he did not have a concrete answer, but obviously he knew what direction he would take.

No doubt Obama has done an unbelievable job in bringing the country together. There were young people, old people, Asians, Black people, white people and everyone else who believed in change shedding tears November 4, 2008. More people than in the history of elections showed up to the polls to cast their ballot. The bad thing about everyone having the right to vote is that everyone can vote, including idiots. There were people who never listened to the man or read a policy, but who wanted to be a part of history, felt pressure from their peers or whatever who did not know anything about this man except that he had a swagger and a charisma that was of the charts, that they heard he would cure AIDS and erase racism and that Oprah, Daddy, George Clooney, and whoever liked him. Obama was and still is, cool.

So to the point, people expect too much of him for no reason. Great example, recently Obama announced that Rick Warren will be participating in the Inauguration. This is the man who wrote the bestseller “The Purpose Driven Life” and now the GLBGT community is pissed because Pastor Warren does not condone gay marriage. Um, neither does Obama. When did he say that gays can get married?

A few weeks before that protesters held up signs asking Obama to help with affordable housing for people living with the alphabets (HIV/AIDS). Why aren’t any gay in the new cabinet? Where are the Latinos? He didn’t promise a rainbow. Some people believe the troops are coming home next month and that the economy will be booming by spring 2009. Get real. When did he make all these promises?

He has not even taken office yet. Barack is going to piss some people off. I am sure he will piss me off, but I understand he is human, not the messiah and therefore not the answer to all my prayers. Throughout his campaign he pushed for a collaborative effort in making the government work and the American Dream a possibility. He said “Yes WE can” not “Yes I can.”