Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things that are working my nerves this week

Why do people walk out of the house with rollers, pipes and doo-rags on their heads? Is that any worse than women walking out with freshly shampooed hair? BTW they look like cave women. I say yuck to both and double yuck if the fit and hygiene isn’t on point. Forgive me, but I thought you put rollers in your head because you wanted to look nice when you went out. No one is so fab that she can rock rods and a wife beater and still be hot.

It’s a matter of manners and self respect. When I see a chick in rollers I get the impression she does not give a fruit snack about the people around her or what they have to say about her. You don't have to care what everyone says about you, but you should care about what some people say about you. What if I happened to be a model scout or an employee at a company she wanted to work for? Missed opportunity? Believe me I know about a quick run to the store for feminine products or Twinkies and I know what a bad hair day feels like too well. Try a pretty scarf or a cute hat. That going out with ish in your head makes you look lazy and/or rushed/disorganized. Neither is a good thing.

Bottom line: Rocking rods is akin to chewing with your mouth open, just nasty.

Speaking of nasty, when did back fat and muffin tops become sexy? I know that guys are turned on by sight, but will any slab of skin do? People always say embrace your curves. Curves yes, lumps no. Anything in excess takes on a negative effect sooner or later. Trust me I know I haven’t had a Reese cup since high school. You should love yourself. You should love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Bottom Line: Fat is not only unattractive it’s unhealthy and it should be covered at all times.

I hate when someone says, “I told you so,” and they really didn’t. Have you ever asked someone’s his or her opinion and he basically gives you a bunch of “maybe you should” “what ifs” yadda, yadda, but never a concrete suggestion or “If I were you this is what I would do.” How about when you are working on a team or group and you have an idea and someone just says “that won’t work” or “that’s stupid” with no explanation. Then when something goes wrong these are the same people who yell “I told you so.” Or “I knew it.”

No ma’am! You were just as unsure as I was or you couldn’t articulate your argument well even to get me to listen. My mother does this all the time.

“Ma, should I braid my hair or press it this weekend?”
“Either would be cute.”
“I know, but what do you think? I’m not working next week.”
“Either or”

I press my hair and it rains a.k.a wasted four hours in the salon. “I knew you should’ve got your hair braided cause it was gonna rain.”

Hmm, It was gonna rain? That would have helped when I asked you before I left.

I’m all for team work, but you have to be to communicate. If my idea has a fatal flaw or I'm missing something, just tell me what it is. I’m not gonna just go along with you because you said so. Oh my plan won’t work because there is a Homecoming game next week and no students will come works better than just saying it won’t work. Heck you can even say “C, I have a weird feeling, it doesn’t feel right” and I’ll listen.

Bottom line: The only person I will follow without explanation is JC.