Friday, May 29, 2009

New Video, Stadium Music

Here's what Que had to say via his twitter page:

"Idun like the video to stadium music either lol.....pretty cheap...lmao i wish we could have had would have been so much better?"

Po' Thang that's what I thought. Actually, a few days ago he said that "Your Heels" was the next single. "Your Heels" would have been a much better choice. I am beginning to believe Diddy is EVIL just a little.

BTW, congrats to the guys for being nominated for "Best New Group" for the BET Awards. About the video, hated it. "Your Heels" was a much better song choice. Then again I am glad they didn't make a video for it. They would have ruined the song for me I have a feeling that video would be wack too. And if they lettin anybody be "video vixens," where do I sign up? Cha-ching!

**Update** The video is now a viral video according to the Day 26 fanpage. Whatevs.