Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stand, My Arse!

So I watched that bull dookie “Stand.” It was just as I expected a bunch of arrogant Negroes with egos out of this world. This self proclaimed soul patrol did not provide any insight, direction or words of encouragement during this two hour infomercial about how awesome they are. In fact, all they did was what Jessie Jackson accused President Obama of, talk down to black people.

The show started off with an introduction of the pack which included two boys from the south who were interested in politics specifically the 08 Presidential Election. This self proclaimed “soul patrol” did nothing but try to promote themselves as profoundly intellectual, deeply spiritual, charismatic, elite and deeply concerned with the affairs of the black community which is all poppy cock. Tavis even said that Dr. Cornel West was this generation’s WEB Dubois. Shut you mouf! Then they went on to say that President Obama, Mayor Fenty and Mayor Corey Booker did not possess the same charisma as they have and that the three appealed to a different constituency. Americans with common sense? I get it these aren’t the “Give us free, we shall overcome, help a ninja out” kinda leaders. We don’t need that! We already free. We have proved we can overcome. Now we need to put in work and some overtime.

We know that people of color have it bad. We know about the color barriers within our communities and in mainstream society. We get it! We also know that we have to work three times as hard, be three times as talented and have the mental endurance to persevere in a society in which we are the minority. Duh, but Malcolm, Martin, Oprah, Halle, Colin, Condoleezza, Tyra, Harriet, etc… show that it can be done, that greatness is ours for the taking, IF WE GO GET IT.

You know what I can’t stand? A handout ninja. There is a difference between fighting for opportunities (i.e. civil rights, an effective public school system, a fair justice system) and asking for a handout. I also understand cultural barriers yes a lot of standardized tests and work place environments are culturally biased, but again we know this. We don’t need for anyone to tell us how bad we have it and that we need help. We NEED to DEAL WITH IT AND DO THE DAMN THANG! There is nothing more powerful, beautiful (I am talking about on earth. God is the most high and ain’t nothing sweeter than the name of Jesus) l or magnificent than a black man who realizes what he can be. What Tavis and em fail to realize is that all of us from the ghettoes to the suburbs have the power to be great. It does not matter what cards we are dealt, we have the power to be who we want to be.

The “Soul Patrol” has selected themselves as the elite, a part of the talented tent who will distribute the information to the rest of us ninjas at the bottom. They don’t want to have us gain access to that source of ‘knowledge’ because then they would not be so special and elite. So they make excuses for us and place blame on the man. All so they can be our new “leaders” and keep the black man down! Off with their mickey fickie heads! You my opposer! Michael Eric Dyson even sat up on the CNN documentary “Black in America” and said his brother who lived in the same house is in jail for murder because he is dark skinned. Got blame?

Then they crying as the Fisk University Jubilee singers sang old Negros spirituals and crying at the place where Dr. Martin Luther King was killed cause they so deep and in the same breath Tavis said something like Dr. King lost his life trying to help garbage workers get equal rights. GARBAGE WORKERS! It was just the WAY he said it that rubbed me the wrong way. That’s why I can’t stand some Educated Negroes. It always seems like it’s a “them” vs. “us” battle.

They wouldn’t even acknowledge the accomplishments of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. However they did show a picture of him a couple of times. Instead they were upset because Pres. Obama did not outright thank Jessie for paving the way for him. They were also upset that Pres. Obama does not publicly acknowledge that he is black and the plights of black people. “You cannot love us in private.” Said Mr. Dyson. Get it over with Obama. Just do it like Chris Rock in the movie CB4 “I’m black yall, I’m black yall, bliggety bliggety black yall.” BTW Obama does acknowledge the road that lead him to where he is; he just doesn’t wear it on his forehead.

Are you kidding me? Um BA-RACK O-BA-MA, sounds ethnic to me. Why should he play the race card if he is running the US of A not the city of Compton? That’s why we stuck. If you ask me it is your generation Mr. Smiley that dropped the ball after the civil rights movement. It was you, the one who benefited from the new opportunities who polarized our community and instead of sharing the wealth and spreading it you doled it out to your selected elite Negroes to govern over the garbage workers and maids. Mr. Smiley I have lost all respect for you and your boys.

You and your jealousy over my president is indicative of your bruised ego. You even wrote a book about it. Now you gone make money of his name and your hate. Ain’t that a blip? He’ll only have a %66 completion rate my eye. Where were you fools when 50 cent made millions off of exploiting black people? Did you intervene when Plies dubbed sistas and brothers “bust it babies” and “goons”? Are you upset and planning to hold HBCU’s responsible for only graduating %38 of their students in six years? So you have time to be overly critical of a black man who took every opportunity and worked hard to be the leader of the free world and not them knuckle heads selling their bodies and integrity for Louis V? Get the flip outta here.

Tavis, you suck.