Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Flicking through the channels I came across a commercial for the documentary “Stand” a blurb taken from the TV One Web site is below.

“Sunday, May 24 at 9 pm (ET)

TV One presents the emotion-packed documentary Stand. Written, directed and produced by Tavis Smiley, this special stars Smiley’s so-called “Soul Patrol”--Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dick Gregory, Dr. Eddie Glaude, Cliff West, Wren Brown, Raymond Ross and BeBe Winans in ways you’ve never seen before.

Shot during the summer of 2008, Tavis Smiley and his Soul Patrol travel across the South and through Memphis on a bus, visiting key African-American landmarks while having in-depth and heartfelt discussions about the journey of Black Americans. Smiley and his friends make pit stops to pick up friends who share stories about the music, food and jokes that have contributed along the way. From the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the historic election of America’s first African-American President, Barack Obama—no subject is left untouched.

You never know where the bus will stop next and what little known story will be shared. Take a stand and don’t miss Tavis Smiley’s Stand, only on TV One.”

This should be interesting. Dr. Cornel West gets on my nerves. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson gets on my nerves and Tavis Smiley gets on my nerves. I’ll see about the rest once the special airs. The commercial made the documentary seem to be about Mr. Smiley’s beef with President Obama. I guess it was just to give the special more “hype’ around it since that fool Tavis has lost some credibility in the black community.

I used to like Tavis, but damn his true colors really came out after President Obama declined his invitation to one of his State of the Black Union gatherings. You still mad Tavis? Of course he is recently he talked about Obama only being able to fulfill %66.00 of his campaign promises after his term. Don’t believe me? Google it. So Tavis gets no love from me, Tavis and a bunch of them other self serving bastids. Jessie and Russell that includes you too. I mean we had all kinds of “black leaders” speaking out against Obama. Where were these mofos when Bob Johnson made millions off exploiting the black community on BET? Why aren’t these leaders speaking out against the coonery that is Hip-Hop today? Young sistas and brothas today have some of the lowest self esteem. Girls calling themselves ‘bitches” and selling T and A. Young brothas killing each other over dumb ish. Our freaking kids can’t read, write or do basic arithmetic. Our schools are failing, our communities look like war zones and these mofos are worried about a “qualified” black man being President on the US of A.

You have got to be kidding me? Where were you when Bush sent all those babies to die and or be traumatized by war? Where were you when families fell prey to predatory lending? You still talking Him and YOU ain’t doing ish, but talking. STFU! Hold yourselves accountable.

I used to respect Mr. West too, but he now seems out of touch and leaning on his mastery of stringing words together to remain a ‘leader.” Mr. Dyson gets on my nerves cause he is so patronizing toward negros acting fool. This fool takes up for rappers and their disgraceful behavior almost like saying “they ninjas. That’s how dey suppose to act.” All of them wanna be the next MLK, Dick Gregory, and so and so just trying to be known as something great/famous. They all the same as Jesse and Al to me. All of em thinking, “He trying to take my spot.”
As far as the journey of Black Americans, we have done a complete 360. We are in the same spot we started. We may even be worse off.

So I’ll be watching “Stand” screaming at the TV and shaking my head at the excuses, sad stories, and provisions we make for not making it to the Promised Land.