Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Changing of the Guard My Eye!

So HoneyMag.com decided to pay homage to the new guard in what’s hot in the entertainment industry. So many hits; so many misses. I can only say that this new breed ain't got nothing on the entertainers of yesteryear as a whole. There are some good comparisons, but some of them make you go “Are you kidding me?” or “WTF?”

It is important to note that some people are irreplaceable and just because there are some new cats on the scene it doesn’t mean the old magic is over.

The best are below. Click the title for the rest.

Keyshia Cole the new MJB. I get the comparison, both hood girls waling their pain in not the most melodic manner, but still striking a cord.

I can dig it. Both are hella talented and their music tells a story. That’s some good R&B.

Trey Songz has got some range to him, but I think in regard to voice, I would go with R. Kelly in comparison. Dude sound just like him.

Janelle Monae, I’m not into her music, but as far as on stage antics and fashion individuality this is a match, though she could have easily been Andre 3000 too.

I concur! “Fifteen in my stilettos, I been struttin in this game.” “Been the numba one diva in this game for a minute.” Yessir.