Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 26 Stan Reporting

So here is a clip from Que's mix tape. Yes, Que's not Day 26's. I know that they are no longer a quintet and that Que has been putting out videos on YouTube explaining his side of the story. He only wanted "new management." We've heard it all before, but I knew it was going down a long time ago when Will was promoting his mixtape and Brian shouting out his record label.

Why cain't ninjas just stay together and sang? They actually has talent and a few hot songs. Oh yeah this is the age of get money quick and it's all about gimmicks and "swag." Bump talent. Them boys ain't have a chance.

Well a snippet from Que's diss to Day 26 is below and I've gotta admit I may be singing the chorus in my head to the haters in my life.

Also, Will's new video is below for your viewing pleasure. It is a laugh fest. Enjoy.