Thursday, November 18, 2010

He’s Only Interested In One Thing Because She’s Not That Interesting

Jozen from UnitIGetMarried makes me laugh sometimes, but this morning I was cheering from the sidelines yelling “Tell’em why you mad, son! Get’em Get’em.” Click the title to read his original post, He’s Only Interested In One Thing Because She’s Not That Interesting. I took out my favorite quotes below and continued with my co-signing.

“Just like men have to face the fact that they’re not God’s gift just because they don’t put their hands on a woman, women have to understand, what else do they bring to the table? I hear women brag a lot about how they have their stuff together. What the hell does that have to do with what a man wants? Make a man laugh. Make a man think. Make a man speak.”

I’ve always preached about not letting superficial things define you, like a degree, a job, designer labels or in this case your cookie jar. So many people can’t answer the question, “So what do you like to do?” What the hell happened to hobbies? Hanging out with friends and partying is not a hobby. People who are funny are usually smart and perceptive, people who make people think have knowledge and life experiences (i.e. hobbies), people who make people speak usually have something to say.

“Every time a man doesn’t get the woman he wants he wonders, what was he missing. What could he have done to get the girl who turned him down? Then he applies it to the next woman. He’s himself all the while, but he definitely wants to know how he can improve.

Women, on the other hand….man, a lot of you all just think if a man didn’t want you, there was something wrong with him. He just didn’t see how interesting you are.”

Jozen if a man doesn’t want ME, something is wrong with HIM. For those who lack personality this one’s for you. I’m awesome! (kidding, but not really).

“It’s time for women to understand, s*x may be on top of a man’s list of priorities, but it for d*mn sure isn’t the whole list. We have a list of things we want in a woman too. Some of us want a woman who can cook. Some of us want a woman who knows how to look good. Some of us want a woman who hits the gym. But all of us want a woman who is interesting.”

I concur, but that goes for the bruvas too.