Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tyler Perry, Doesn't Like Black Men Either?

I haven’t seen Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls and I won’t die if never see it. The reviews have been mixed, but if you’ve seen one Tyler Perry movie you’ve seen ‘me all, right? They all concern a strong, but hurt black woman, abused and down trodden or uber-successful and cold. For Colored Girls adds a dose of male bashing too, so I’ve read. Bravo Tyler! N*ggas is crazy too.

I find that I encounter some “damaged goods” too; brothas who just play all kind of games. “I wait to see if she’s gonna offer to pay on a first date.” If you ask me out, I ain’t paying and I’m not going to pretend to pay either. If the date has two parts I’ll offer on the second like pay for the popcorn or whatever. “I didn’t leave you a message just to see if you were gonna call me back anyway.” If you didn’t leave a message so you obliviously did want anything, right? “You didn’t make me dinner. You just selfish.” Do we have the same last name? If not, I feel obligated to cook for you. “I only mentioned her name to see if you cared about me.” Games all games. Insecure, much?

I think bruva’s (DMV accent) are confused and taken aback when they meet a real grown ass woman without any psychological problems. Gender roles are seriously muddled in the black community and I think it has to do with so many fatherless people who even lack strong male role models. Some of these sistas are straight trippin too sellin coochie to the highest bidder. They just lack self-esteem. We are a people who have lost a sense of pride, self-worth and dignity. We don’t love ourselves so how can WE love EACH OTHER? How did we get to the point where ladies can’t be ladies and gentlemen can’t be gentlemen?

Tyler Perry did a good thing if you exposed the some of the diseases that ail the male black population. I believe they were cheaters, rapists, abusers etc, but in my opinion those are sick, hurt people too. WE all just need ONE big HUG.