Monday, December 6, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I have a confession, I’ve had the same New Year’s Resolutions for over a decade. Only “make the Dean’s List” has turned into "get a new job” and those five pounds never went away. Last year I tried changing my way of thinking, instead of creating a list of items to get a check off my list, I thought 2010 is the year of more, more veggies, more exercising, more money. Well, it’s December again, New Year’s Resolution time and I am determined to have a better success rate in 2011.

Once again the paradigm has shifted. Though I still like the idea of thinking in terms of more, I’m going to try to get better in 2011. Instead of trying to obtain items I don’t have, I’ll just focus on building on the things I do have.

I’m already a great friend and a hard worker so instead of focusing on “networking” why not put more time into building the relationships I do have which may lead to referrals and leads anyway.

I already have a good job, now I’ll just focus on becoming better at it; a better reputation and skill set will lead to a better position.

Instead of trying to a find a new exhilarating hobby, my time off will be spent with that Canon Rebel currently collecting dust in my closet.

I have a good life, but it can always be better.