Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey, it's OK...

…to wear the same black pants twice in a week. If your co-worker notices, she ain’t working.

…if you are not a fan of Precious (aka Gabourey Sidibe).

…to not like sports. That’s what his boys are for.

…to wear the same outfit two Mondays in a row. You still look hot, right?

… if you’re not in the Holiday Spirit.

…to stay in on a Friday night. Getting poked in the club is not as much fun as it sounds.

…if you don’t want to give to St. Judes, AmFar, The Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club.

…to count marinara sauce a vegetable.

As much as I luv blogs, I heart magazines even more. Glamour is one of my favorites and I look foward to their monthly piece, "Hey it's OK..." I decided to do my own version above.