Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be a Good Customer Part I

We all have stories about the poor customer service we have received, but since I've started working in retail I can speak on both sides, in order to get good customer service you must first act like a customer=person. You must also treat the sales associate like a person too. Now this may not work all the time, but it is a good start. It at least indicates that the employee is the problem and not you.

1. First rule from the hip. The sales person is not a maid. So when you must have the medium from the middle of the stack of folded shirts, don't just flip the pile over, get the one you want and leave the disheveled pile for the next person to pick through. If the sales person just folded the pile either make an effort to put the pile back or wait until he or she leaves to make the mess if you have to. Picture this you build a castle and some fool knocks it over just as you plant the flag. It feels like that. All if you need to spread an item over the rack to get a good look at it, put if back the way you found it. Don't you hate finding the item you want only to discover its all tangled up? This is especially for items with thin strap.

2. If you bring in clothes to the fitting room, take them out of the fitting room. Where I work it is not uncommon for people to simply step out of the clothes and leave them on the floor. This is never cool and don't throw the clothes over the wall either. This is especially a no-no when there is a line out the door. Each customer has the right to a clean shopping environment.

3. What should you do with the clothes you don't want? This varies in some stores but you can know what to do by simply paying attention. When you are finished trying on clothes you can hand them to the person in the fitting or if no one is there place them on the rack. In high end stores the associates may ask you to leave the clothes in the room, but in Express, go get yo ish. It would also be great if you put them on hangers. I hate to receive a wad of tangled shirts and pants in addition to a jumble of hangers.

4. Last note about trying on clothes if you get make-up or deodorant on the shirt you tried on I think it's okay to get another one, but that's only because I do it sometimes. I do not condone urinating in the clothing. Yes it happens. We don't have a public restroom in our store.

4.5 Ok one more thing about trying on clothes, if you chose not you use the fitting room for blazers, coats, etc... Don't leave the unbuttoned garments in a pile by the store mirror. This goes for accessories too. Put them back where you found them or in the area you found them.

5. You also need to know what kind of store you are going into so you know what level of service to expect. When I go into Target I don't expect to fawned over and asked what I'm shopping for in fact I don't expect to be bothered. I do ask if an item is in the back or where is the shirt advertised in the paper, but other than that I'm on my own and that's fine. I do the same in The Limited. There may be a person in the fitting rooms asking if you I need a different size. When I leave I give the person my no's and I'm on my way. In short you can expect moderate attention from the sales staff, but in jam packed trendy cheap store like Forever 21,H&M, TopShop and what not take what you can get. The staff should be pleasant and helpful if you have questions, but do not expect to be waited on. Sometimes if it is a slow day you can ask the staff to help find a Friday night out fit, but on jam packed days, no.

6. If you knock something over, pick it up. It doesn't matter what it is. If you knock of a fixture or spill something let someone know. Leaving a spill can only create a bigger mess and sometimes a legal one.

7. Stand in line and stay in line. Don't expect the person behind you s hold your space or the cashier to keep track of who is next. If you don't know where the line is ask. I know I can't stand store where the lines twist and turn or when there is one long line and four cashiers. It gets frustrating, but just ask.

8. When it is your turn, know what you are going to get. I hate when someone stands in line and gets to the cashier and and decide what they want. It rude to the people behind you. I understand quick decisions to buy or not, but full a full on list of pros and cons is annoying to everyone.

Side note: If you decide you don't want an item, give it to the cashier don't throw that leather coat into the bin of socks. If you decide you don't want an item before getting to the cashier hang it up or if it isn't on a hanger put it on a shelf, don't throw it in a corner. It does have to be in the exact spot you found it, but respect the garment. If it is damaged because of being stepped on or tangled the price get distributed back to the customer via higher prices.

9. If your card is declined, do not make a scene and blame the cashier, your baby daddy or whatever. Discreetly put the items on hold or walk away. You will only end up looking broke and stupid.

10. When you pay with cash. Put the money in the cashier's hand. DO NOT THROW THE MONEY ON THE COUNTER! Talk about rude! People kill me putting their money on the counter then having their hand out for their change. Why is it rude picture this you ask someone for a pencil and reach for it just as they toss it on the floor. Not nice right?

Here's another reason to be nice to the sales staff; they can save you money Many time extra coupons are available at the cash register or they can look up your card number if you are in a discount clubs. And sometimes, sometimes they can increase a discount. They can also let you know when items will go on sale or when the new stock comes in. Trust me I know. I've been on both sides. Don't go shopping with a bad attitude. No rolling your eyes at the girl who says "Hello" or barking out demands to the sales staff and then expect them to go out of their way to help you.

When it comes to shopping let's go with the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.