Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 26 Stan Reporting

Below is the wackness of the new Day26/Diddy video. I know the album will be fiyah, but the video below for “Imma put it on Her” bites. Were there no brown skinned sistas available? And is it me or were those girls really short and skinty? They are defiantly drinking the Diddy Kool-Aid. Besides that, what is the concept for this video? I’ve seen it before like a zillion times. It looks like a Hodge podge of Bow Wow’s new video, that Wayne Wonder video that was hot a couple years back, “No Letting Go” and Usher’s “Love in this Club.” I at least expected some dancing since Que was so adamant about attending dance class. Ends with a big WTF? They just walk off. This video is like the other two Day 26 videos unfinished and uninspired, and let me not forget cheap.