Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obamanut? Yes, I am!

Here are some on my favorite photos from President Obama's first 100 days in term. I heart this family.

Look at that little boy's face. "Yes son, that's a man.

I've never seen the inside of Air force 1. Looks better than my office for sure.

Say 'cheese' Daddy! I luv how you can tell the girls are excited for their dad.

Um, I'm not that into the Superbowl, but I heart watching the Obamas.
You can still tell he has some on those "This is so cool, man!" moments.
"What do you think this is young lady, a game? Yes you can!"
They are sitting on the floor!

Musiq's "So Beautiful" is playing in my head.

How many times a week does he do this? I bet he's thinking, "These ninjas trippin."


Way cute! They look like they're leaving prom.