Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 26 Stan Reporting

First things first, I got that new Day 26 album "Forever in a Day." I don't know what I expected, but I do like the majority of the songs after hearing them over and over. My favorites are "Girlfriend", "Need That", "Your Heels," and "Truth is a Lie."
I can see where they wanted to go with this album, the bank. They wanted to go that 'get money' route and still keep some of the R&B vibe from the last album. I say 'get money' route because it seems like talking about money and sex is what's selling right now.

Truth is, I never really like an artist's sophomore album. Sophomore albums seem too forced, like the artist has something to prove. I loved Ne-Yo's first album the second one was, blah. Same with Kanye 808 and Heartbreaks is the bizness, Late Registration not so much. So in short I'm looking forward to Day 26's third effort. I do believe they'll get there.

I just hope they get an image consultant, stylist and a pr manager. They be lookin like some straight bums, not a good look. Ew, and the radio interview with them talking so openly about sex was repulsive, a complete turn-off. I'm offended!

There is more nastiness on YouTube.

Anyway, the Making the Band 4 season finale was last night. Whack! Whack! Wiggety Whack. The performances were sub par and them boys looked bad, not in a good way. I did like Will's sequined/sparkly jacket, but Robert's leather capris. Are you kidding me? Them ninjas some straight clowns. Que was dressed like the nutcracker. I don't remember much dialogue with the group. Donnie seemed a little annoyed with his lack of tv time. I would be too if some fools were taking my shine for fighting each other.

Now to the Danity Kane disaster. It is now clear that Aubrey did not ruin DK. It was D.Woods' clumpy arse. Hater. Dawn was right. Some people had hidden agendas, um D.Woods. First signal, you make the group as Wanita, but change your name to D.Woods cause your old fans know you as D. Woods. **Side Eye** Erbody in the group goin by they government name and you wanna use your stage name. She never really interacted with the other girls anyway.

Aubrey did go 'hollywood' but she wanted to be in the group. She was the one speaking up for them and let's be real she was publicity. Them other girls was blah, but great together. I still listen to both of their CD's and I went to the concert in B-More. So I think they were a great group, but as solo artists? I don't think so. I guess ego is bigger than money cause I woulda stayed in the group till I got my money right. Them fools sold over a million albums in a recession. They were about to 'make it'. Silly girls and over what? The only two who you may see next year are Aubrey and Dawn.

Oh and speaking of Dawn, what a mess. You thirsty broad. She may have been right, but her delivery was whack, nasty and manipulative. She saw that people in her group had other motives and she was right to start making some back-up plans, but it came out grimy and sneaky. First she threw them girls under the bus in the last season finale. They weren't going to speak on the problems, but she had to keep it 'real'. Aubrey even called her out saying she heard for Harve Pierre that Dawn was going solo. This season she acted like she was confused and all alone. Bish you knew last season you was going solo. Then she had poor Aundrea following behind her knowing she was going to be fired. At the beginning of the season she talking about she called the girls and what not. Charades!

Why you have to act like you didn't know Dawn? That's why I can't stand you. You act like you so real and humble. Keep it real, you knew you what was up. When you act fake it looks like you are trying to hide something or your motives are unpure which in a nut shell makes you a low down mofo. Dirty Money is a perfect name for your solo/group debut.

I'm glad the season finale was called "The Final Chapter" cause I'm sick of these fools. Diddy's says he's looking for a new girl group and as much as I want to not watch it I may take a peak.