Monday, August 3, 2009

Dis Ninja Right Here

So the Trey Songz interview with Honey Mag was been all over the blogs. I read it and I still think he’s hot. I actually appreciated his honesty and even laughed out loud a little. True he was a little raunchy, but that’s how ninja’s is. Other bloggers are calling him gay and whack blah, blah, blah, but they know that they date dudes who do worse you know like father a litter of little bastards and beat up women. Whatever! Get off your high horses. Click the title to read the interview. Be prepared for an eyegasm the pictures are hot.

Due to all the hoopla around the interview Trey posted the quote below on his blog.
“While out on promo I’ve learned that my interview is being heavily talked about. Although I’ve never read the magazine I thought the questions prepared for me were indicative of the type of magazine that Honey is. In response to my interview, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my fans if anything I said offended anyone. I was simply being honest. The interview was done in fun and not with the intention of being shocking or offensive. For the blogs and people who take things out of context (conveniently dismissing my several references to safe sex), I do not have a STD nor do I practice unprotected sex. I look forward to using this misinterpretation as an opportunity to highlight the importance of safe sex to my fans. I’ve always practiced and promoted safe sex and even wrote a song about it (Store Run - 2007). I shared an isolated incident that happened 8 years ago when I was a teenager. Lastly, I did, as I do in every interview, answer the questions that were asked. Lighten up folks LOL BONG!”

BTW. I can’t wait for his new album. I heart “I Need a Girl.” His last album was pretty good. The fact that he is not singing about some dumb dance in auto tune or some other gimmick is already appealing. Mr. Songz has definitely grown into a sexy young man and his music has gotten better and better. So you go boy!