Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She’s a DIVA

So I’m doing my daily blog round and introduced me to Mariel Haeann, stylist to Rihanna. I’ve always wondered who the mastermind behind the puppet was. I did a little digging, just a little and came across an article on that listed Mariel’s top ten must haves for women. The list is below. Enjoy!

1.“A black blazer makes any look edgy and fashion forward,” says Haenn. “You can wear with it jeans or a pencil skirt, or even a dress, with the sleeves pushed up.”

2. “A thin cashmere scarf in a bright pop color,” says Haenn.

3. “A trench coat is a great, classic way of dressing up any look.”

4. “An oversized sweater is both comfortable and chic with a pair of leggings.”

5. “Black leather leggings by Helmut Lang” are a must-have, according to Haenn.

6. Her favorite brand of denim: “J Brand skinny jeans are great for getting dressed up and wearing with boots.”

7. Every girl needs a vintage belt, says Haenn. “Anything vintage is usually a great bargain, as well as a special piece that you know no one else will have.”

8. “A pair of leather driving gloves from LaCrasia Gloves in red or purple will add instant style to any look,” says Haenn.

9. “A cashmere cardigan by Theory is good to throw on over any outfit and cashmere always adds luxury,” says Haenn.

10. “A men’s white button-down by H&M is cheap but always classic,” says Haenn. “Throw a belt over it, and that’s an easy way to look timeless and chic.”

Great advice, right, sans the designer labels? For more about Mariel go to she’s also styled Ciara and the Smiths (aka Will and Jada).