Saturday, November 7, 2009

Invented What?!?!

So I finally saw the Trey Songz I Invented Sex video and all I can say is, MAN! So I'm a little late seeing the video cause I can't watch videos at work and I try not to turn on my computer when I'm at home, but anywho.

Prior to actually seeing the video, I read about it on the blogs and the reviews were mixed of course, but I wasn't expecting the outrage on how sexual the video was. I first defended this unseen video saying that everything is too sexed up, how bad could it be? The commenters were like "All he do is sing about sex," "He think he R. Kelly," and of course "He gay." I was still not hearing the alarm. They just described every singing nicca out today, at least a good portion,right? "They just hatin" I thought cause I actually luv Trey Songz's new album Ready. It is mos def for the "grown and sexy."

But, woo chil after seeing the vid, I fall back. In fact I didn't make it through the entire thing it had me a 26 year-old, grown arse woman uncomfortable in my own living room. That ish was soft porn. The licking, unbuttoning of pants, the skin on skin was way too much. I can't believe that anyone involved in the making of that video would have thought that it was appropriate for the masses.

Then, BE flipping T had the nerve to premiere it on 106 and Park. Terrance introduced it as Invented Cookies cause they can't say sex on TV. WTF? Why show the video? I would guess that most of the 106 and park audience is 18 and under, you know kids. Debra Lee, "Screw you, you cheese face bish." How irresponsible?

The video is so bad that you need to log into YouTube and verify your age to see it. I'm actually proud to know that some people found the video inappropriate. Trey was defiantly being irresponsible or it was a great way to gain publicity. Either way, shame on you Trey.

Then again, in my opinion as far as artists and lyrics go, you can defiantly do worse. I still like the fact he doesn't have the "coochie for sale" message. Mr. Songz has more of the "youthful, promiscuity" vibe. Yeah, it's disrespectful, but I would prefer that to Gucci Mane's ignorant arse any day.

Bottom line, the video is too hot for TV. See it for yourself.