Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is that Money Dirty, Diddy?

So Diddy-Dirty Money (notice Diddy) put out a new video for Love Come Down. I actually like the song. It has that 90's feel to it. In fact it kinda looked and sounded like Puffy Daddy and Total circa 199?.

I gotta give credit where credit is due. The girls looked hot. I am so glad they weren't all sexed up. Now the girls looked good in regards to fashion, but in the video they looked like two stooges. It almost looked like they were making a parody of a rap video, all extra is the moves and cheesy facial expressions. They sounded good though. In my opinion they should get out from Diddy's thumb. They don't need him it's the other way around. He is using their talent to reinvent himself. But then again, that's what he always does.

Side Note: I gotta give it to Diddy he has been pretty consistent in the game and in his own words, he don't write rhymes he writes checks. He has a talent, but I can't describe what it is; I don't care about how many rumors or horror stories you've heard about Diddy if you decide to do business with him and you 'get got' that's your fault.

He does look good in the video. I like the haircut. He looks like a stooge too, but he is committed to it. That Diddy don't do nothing by half!

In short, I like the song and the video is great for a laugh. See it for yourself.