Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dawn, this is the best you've ever looked!

So I have a love-hate relationship with the friend in my head, Dawn Richard formerly of Danity Kane. She recently hit the net via Honey Magazine online, click the title for the link, and took some of her best photos ever! Go here for the full interview

I like the shoot and each photo transforms her into a different person which confirms I really need to get some make-up!

Ok about the article. I would heart her if she just didn't play dumb with the whole Danity Kane thing and if she didn't have poor Aundrea following behind her. Ugh! However I do understand her and I like the fact that she is trying to create an image, thing is what is that image? Who are you Dawn Richard as an artist? You were R&B now you rock? Been there done that. Why every body on this 'fashionista' tip? Just be yourself don't try too hard to be a 'star.' I get what she is trying to portray as a person, but that celebrity image/persona need some work and some truth.