Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Darkskin vs Redbone Party in 2009?

So I am cruising the net like usual and I get on MediaTakeOut for my daily dose on foolishness and boy was I blown away. So in Atlanta they are promoting a Dark skin vs. Redbone party. Really in 2009? What would this party look like, the best dark skinned sistas with low self esteem and the best redbones with low self esteem bumping and grinding on some broke dude pretending to be Gucci Man? First of all I hate ‘versus’ parties. No good can come out of it, but dark vs. light? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!???? I hate to say it but it’s a set up for brown skinned women to be humiliated cause let’s be reality the people who are caught up in this whole ‘bling, bling,” she Baddd, stanky leg party, party culture are brainwashed by the media anyway and the media says, “No dark butts allowed, unless you’ve got an incredibly fat ass.” I’m lying?

So the dark butts gone be sweating and exploiting themselves extra hard and then the ‘prize’ if there is one is gonna go to the everyday, regular, garden variety ‘red bone’ cause she light. Am, I lying? No sir. No woman should degrade herself at one of these versus parties based on nothing but skin color or looks period. Now I could understand if it was a dance battle between coasts a la America’s Best Dance Crew, but to base the winner on if you pass the paper bag test is ludicrous.

It only gives light to that gaping wound of low self-esteem and self hatred that the black community doesn’t even attempt to cover. I mean this is no knick or paper cut this is a gruesome, bloody, painful wound. The kind of wound that transformed Lil’Kim to Kim Ming Ho and little Mike Jackson to some white lady. It’s the kind of wound that has little brown girls carrying their worth in the size of their caboose and prevents an entire people from experiencing true sisterhood. Instead we got hateration, jealousy, malice and greed running rampant.

I don’t care what anyone says, there is no such thing as color blind and we all ain’t treated equal and we know it. Just like racism, colorism is alive and they ain’t trying to conceal it. The proof is in the picture. I can’t believe that in 2009 we are still standing at square one. Everyone involved in the planning and promotion of this party needs some self esteem, a kick in the ass and a hug. Don’t them ninjas know beauty’s only skin deep?