Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day26 Stan Reporting

So HoneyMag is doing the dang thang! They did an interview with Dawn Richard and now Day 26. Oh joy! The photos are photos I’ve seen before, but I liked the interview. Read it here

I like how Willie stands up for his relationship now. Before they wouldn’t own up their significant others. I follow both Willie and his wife Lashonda aka Niyana on twitter and YouTube and I heart this couple. That twitter fight was a mess though. I don’t care how much we in love you ain’t gone say I fudge up everything every time and have me apologizing on no internet forum. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Any who his wife is a sweetheart and you can tell she loves him and their kid. She is also hella funny. Sometimes I admit I laugh at her but I also laugh with her too.

Robert was so right about the jump-off question. The major difference between wifey and the jump-off is conversation, if there is any. Ha! And Willie with his “Can we go on a date first?” comment too true. I cannot fathom for the life of me how you can share your body with a man who you can’t even talk to and hasn’t even taken you anywhere in public and spent his resources on you meaning mind, time and money. Then they like the girl know the difference too which I’m not so sure about. She may know the difference initially, but she may be fool enough to believe she’ll be promoted. Then again she may not know. A lot of women have that ‘golden coochie’ hang up.

BTW. Congrats to the guys to winning the "Best Group" BET Award for what it's worth.