Monday, May 10, 2010

Double High Five

Sister, sister/How about that two way twister/Shakin' up our family tree/With sibling synchronicity/Sister, sister/Never knew how much I missed ya/Now that everybody knows/I ain't ever gonna let you go/Sister...oh/Sister, sister/

I luved that show as a kid. I luved it all the way to the end when they went to college at the University of Michigan. It’s hard to believe the setting for that show was Detroit, my city (i.e. one of the most crime ridden cities in the country). In my head they lived somewhere close, but not that close, suburban like Ann Arbor or Auburn Hills, but nonetheless I could still relate to them, maybe because in high school I was a dork to the ba-zillionth power too and I remember wearing those floppy hats and sweatshirts with turtlenecks. Remember the episode when they learned to ride the bus and they got lost? That totally happened to me, but getting lost in fictional Detroit and the real Detroit are two different animals.

I also liked the show because it showcased regular teenage life and was relatable to any teenager; the twist was the twins separated at birth thing which made it a little cheesy but still funny. It wasn’t about how hard it was to be black or how hard it was to be a teenager or how hard it was to be a black teenager. The show was just as goofy as the characters even though the characters reminded me of people I know. The relationship between Tia and Tamera reminds me of the relationship between my sister and I; we’re twins too and it’s funny to see that some twins share the same experience of being together 24/7, then wanting to distance yourself, to saying “I hate you” and ending up crying together on a couch. I guess that’s what all sisters do though. Sister, Sister was a great sitcom and leaves me nostalgic over the times where TV shows were good carefree light entertainment (i.e. Family Matters, Full House and the TGIF line-up). Now shows require too much energy to keep up with.

Anyhoo, where are the twins now? Laughin, lovin, livin life. They turned out to be great young role models and seem to be lovely young women. (Nowadays if you don’t have a sex tape or media whoring then you are considered a “nice girl.” But, the twins do seem to be genuinely “nice girls”.) Contrary to what some bloggers think, they are working and happen to be very successful college graduates. Both graduated from Pepperdine University with degrees in psychology and spent time studying in Italy. Besides starring in a long-running sitcom is an accomplishment, plus, they are probably still getting paid because the show is in syndication around the world. Everyday a new kid discovers the Mowry twins. (BTW, my mother once told me that they were our distant cousins on my maternal grandmother’s side, but this is the same woman who also said that Big Bird was also my cousin so I don’t know about that one.)

The girls are still acting and producing. Mrs. Tia Hardict is married to actor Cory Hardict. She starred in the sitcom The Game (I know BET is supposed to be bringing it back, but I’ll believe it when I see it) and Disney Channel movies with her sister, Twitches and Twitches Too. She has also done some voice over work in the Bratz series.

Ms. Tamera has starred in Strong Medicine and Roommates in addition to some voice over work on The Family Guy. She just finished a pilot for a TV called What We Do for Love with Alfonso Riberio and James Avery. She’ll play a half Latin and African American woman. Both sisters have made appearances on television and in movies AND they are both starring in and executive producing Double Wedding for Lifetime. Cha-Ching! The two have also won NAACP Image Awards and Kid’s Choice Awards.

So I’d say they are doing well. You can tell Tia is the most out-going and Tamera is laid back. Here’s what Tia had to say about her sister via IMBD.

"I think that you may find that Tamera's a little more vibrant and energetic, but I'm much more likely to go up to a person and say, "Hi, I'm Tia, nice to meet you". Whereas Tamera is like...well ...she's a little shy. She's down to earth. I'm more extroverted and she's more introverted when meeting people. Even with a fan I'll be like, "Hi! How are you! How are ya doing?" and Tamera's in the back thinking, "Let's see if this person's okay, then I'll come". That's how she is. I take the first step."

Tia may be more outgoing but in my opinion Tamera is the style star. Both girls always look put together, but Tamera’s stylish yet classic outfits are more my style.

Both girls are on twitter that’s where I get my info in addition to IMBD. The photo came from the ConcreteLoop.