Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Luv This Song

This song makes me wanna dance and always puts me in a good mood. I'm not a fan of Janelle Monae, but I think this song has won me over. She and Erykah Badu are doing a concert together at DAR Constitution Hall this month (or next month, I can't remember) and guess who has tickets? Me! So I'll be brushing up on her so I can sing along and I mos def will be rocking black and white (her signature colors).

"I tip on alligators and little rattle snakers
But I'm another flavor
Something like a terminator
Ain't no equivocating
I fight for what I believe
Why you talkin' bout it
S-s-she's talkin' bout it
Some callin me a sinner
Some callin me a winner
I'm callin you to dinner
And you know exactly what I mean,"

"Yeah I'm talkin bout you
You can rock or you can leave
Watch me tip without you ."

- Janelle Monae Tightrope