Thursday, May 27, 2010


So Diddy is moving really trying to move forward with this Dirty Money thing, ahem, Diddy-Dirty Money thing. The group has a new Web site (click the title to visit the site) and four new videos, and new promo shots all set up to promote their upcoming album debut, The Last Train to Paris. I am planning to get the album despite (or inspite, I honestly don't know when to use either word) of my complaints against the group.

1. Why is the group called Diddy-Dirty Money, not just Dirty Money? I think Puff is just using Dawn and Kaleena to build credibility in the music arena, then it's over. They just backup singers anyway.

2. If they are a group, why do they need all these cameos and features? I like the original versiion of HelloGoodMornin, performed on American Idol then they went and T.I. and Rick Ross. Too many people on that one.

4. Why can't Dawn and Kaleena be seen with the featured artists? Can they get some shine, they always together, in the backround and out of the shot.

5. Why are the girls always dressed alike. Not the same outfit literally, but the same style. Can't they add some personality to their fits?

I'm hoping the album isn't full of add on rappers, please be some slow jams. Anyhoo, some photos from the "groups" recent promo shot are below. I took them off the Web site.